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Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 18 - December 30, 2017

Gift Edit is Galleri Urbane's annual holiday show of small, more affordable works. The show includes pieces by the gallery's artists.

Rachel Hellmann: Doubling the Cube

Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 18 - December 30, 2017

A show of works by Indiana-based artist Rachel Hellmann. The sculptures and works on paper in the exhibition play with ideas of color and the projection of an object into physical space.


Abby Sherrill: Modes of Moving Air

A show of works by North Texas artist Abby Sherrill. The show continues Sherrill’s focus on the banality of everyday objects, focusing “on perception of reality through...

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Jessica Drenk: States of Matter

A show of works by Florida-based artist Jessica Drenk. “Focusing on mankind’s evolving relationship to nature, Jessica Drenk’s newest bodies of work complicate the definition of...

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Marion Wesson: Cluster Fail

A show of works by Los Angeles-based artist Marion Wesson. The pieces in the exhibition are deeply personal and were created in the aftermath of the...

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Stephen D’Onofrio: Ready For Print

“Stephen D’Onofrio’s work explores the relationship between physical spaces and the objects we fill them with. Focusing on typical domestic household ornamentation, his work seeks to...

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Anna Kunz: Heroes for Ghosts

An exhibition by artist Anna Kunz. Utilizing wall paintings, installation, and site-specific sculptures, Kunz aims to break the traditional boundaries of art viewing by inviting visitors to...

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Lindsey Landfried: Skyline Drive

A show of works by Pennsylvania artist Lindsey Landfried. Landfried;s works on paper are inspired by poetry and create panoramas comprised of different kinds of mark-making techniques.


A show of works by Berkeley, California-based artist Mel Davis. “Davis rejects the notion of communicating objectives or ideologies within her work, wholly devoted to the making...

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Paintings, Process, Materials, Textures

“Paintings, Process, Materials, Textures is a study of the contemporary resurgence of painting in its many forms.” The exhibition features works by Eric Shaw, Anna Kunz,...

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Loring Taoka: Soft Edge

A show of works by Arkansas-based artist Loring Taoka. Taoka’s sculptures play with the viewer’s ideas of perception and encourage close looking.

Donald Martiny: Moving Paint

A show of works by Donald Martiny. With his gestural sculptures, Martiny “breaks down painting to its most elemental origin: the brushstroke.”

Gail Peter Borden: Controlled Objects

An exhibition of works by artist Gail Peter Borden. In this body of work, Borden focuses on the materials and functionality of found objects.

Cat Rigdon: Backyard Daoism

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Cat Rigdon. The works on the show reflect a meditative state of mind occupied by the artist.

The Sun Shines Blue

An exhibition of paintings by Dallas-based artist Danny Rose. The works are inspired by natural and emotional landscapes the artist encounters in his life.

Girls Just Wanna

An exhibition of works by gallery-represented and visiting artists.

Rachel Hellmann: Quad Line

An exhibition of sculptural paintings and works on paper by Indiana-based artist Rachel Hellmann. Through their physical qualities, the pieces in the show question the notion...

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Dylan Cale Jones: Good Work

An exhibition by Chicago-based artist Dylan Cale Jones. The work in the show explores “Jones’ perception of the concept of “work” and the psychological effects associated...

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Royal Jarmon: Duck in Water

An exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist . The pieces in the show blend “pop culture and mass advertising with digital technology and material examination.”

Jeffrey Dell: Dreamland

An exhibition of works that reference Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada. Dell on this concept: “This is a reference to our human tendency...

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Ad Infinitum

An exhibition of works by Jessica Drenk. Inspired by patterns in nature, Drenk’s work synthesizes natural shapes and materials.

Here & Now

A juried exhibition featuring paintings by 9 artists from around the country, including Matthew Craig, Brent Hallard, Lindsey Landfried, Lori Larusso, Melinda Laszczysnki, Danny Rose,...

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Irby Pace: Explosions In The Sky

An exhibition of artist Irby Pace’s photographs in which colored, floating clouds activate the negative spaces of the environments.

Gail Peter Borden: Faceted Lines

A large, solo exhibition by artist, architect, and author Gail Peter Borden, whose works act together as an entire installation wrapping around the gallery as...

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