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Mel Prest: MoonBrightChime/Portmanteau

Galleri Urbane Dallas

October 11 - November 15, 2014

A collection of new paintings by San Francisco-based artist Mel Prest. She says: "I layer conflicting personal references, such as fog colors, music, fabric and thought patterns, to create a new shape-space. I want spontaneity and chance to influence the outcome and direction of each piece."


Natural Selection: The Work of Brett Weston

50 large-format landscape photographs from Brett Weston (1911 – 1993), including shots from Mexico, California, Texas, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere.

New Year, New Art

New works by Kate Carr, Jason Willaford, Allie Pohl, Gail Peter Borden, and introducing Claire Ashley, Delanie Jenkins and Leah Rosenberg.

Pop!: Irby Pace

Irby Pace injects color into the urban landscape in the form of colored “smoke.”

Art: In Living Color

Galleri Urbane Dallas announces Art: In Living Color, an upcoming exhibition featuring artists Don Martiny and Jessica Snow. Don Martiny’s work defies typical rectilinear shapes while […]

Misako Inaoka: Muted Imprints

A traveling exhibit from the Boca Raton Museum of Art of Misako’s  bizarre combinations of animal and machine.

Kate Carr: forma

Carr’s work pays homage to Eva Hesse and continues the lineage of “material girls”—feminist artists of the early ’70s who consciously brought gendered content to […]

Michael P. Berman: Variations

Large format framed photos on watercolor paper, affixed to an aluminum panel by Berman, photographer of the arid border regions of the American Southwest.

Gail Peter Borden: Calibrated Frames

Opens Saturday, September 10, 5:30–8 pm Borden is Director of the Master of Architecture Program at U.S.C. and was an artist in residence at the […]

Russell Buchanan: Shipping Bags

Galleri Urbane showcases the exhibition Shipping Bags featuring Dallas artist and architect Russell Buchanan. As his first solo exhibit with Galleri Urbane Dallas, Buchanan shows […]

Jason Willaford & Liz Kerrigan

Jason’s all about the color in Dogma of color, and other idiosyncrasies while Liz Kerrigan exhibits small concrete sculptures of houses in her recent series […]


18 photographs from Berman’s recent book "Trinity." Shot in and around Marfa — a location that lends itself to big, grand imagery with Biblical titles.