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Gaddis Geeslin Gallery

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18th Annual Juried Exhibit

A show of works by SHSU Department of Art students. The show is juried by Houston artist Nathaniel Donnett.


This year’s SHSU faculty show includes work by Jack Barnosky, Kate Borcherding, Chuck Drumm, Rebecca Finley, Michael Henderson, Taehee Kim, Cynthia Reid, Cesar Rivera, Tony...

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Trace Echo

An exhibition curated by Melissa L. Mednicov and featuring works by Helen Altman, Rabéa Ballin, and Brad Tucker. From the gallery: “Trace Echo includes work that relates...

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Around the Edges

An exhibition featuring works by artists that document the fringes of our culture. Featuring art by Deborah Bay, Bill Daniel, Denny Renshaw, and Bruce Lee Webb.

56th Annual Faculty Exhibition

An exhibition featuring work by SHSU professors Martin Amorous, Chris Cascio, Melissa Glasscock, Ronald Hollinshead, Pat Lawler, Daniel McFarlane, Tudor Mitroi, Edward Morin, Valerie Powell, and...

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Oogly Boogly

An exhibition of works by Lauren Clay, Shaun Griffiths, Heather Joy Puskarich, and Jessica Simorte.


A student exhibition in which artists Erika Aguirre, Colton Clifford, Amber Eggleton, Frank Graham, Jacob Jaso, Ashton Leath, Krystal Murray, and Justin Zachary investigate ideas...

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55th Annual Faculty Exhibition

An exhibition featuring a wide variety of new painting, photography, drawing, graphic design, video, sculpture, and installation work by 12 artists who teach in the...

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow V

Like most performance art, this could be phenomenal or it could be awful, but most likely will be memorable. This is the 5th year GGG...

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow IV

A one night only event featuring live performance art, video and video installations from the 13 students in Professor Annie Strader’s Performance and Video Art...

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Sand in the Line

An exhibition exploring line, form and text, including works by Kana Harada, Jen Hofer, John Pluecker, Dawn Pendergast, and Trish Ramsay.

Body and Screen

A selection of performance video works by: Adan De La Garza, Tobias Fike and Matt Harris, Kate Gilmore, Leslie Hall, Casey McGuire, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Linda...

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SHSU 52nd Annual Faculty Exhibition

Including works by Martin Amorous, Frank Golden, Kathy Kelley, Patrick Lawler, Tudor Mitroi, Edward Morin, Valerie Powell, Diana Salles and Tom Seifert.

Death & Taxidermy

Photography exhibition featuring Dick Lane, Cara Brewer Thompson, Vaughn Wascovich and Kimberly Witham. 


Benjamin Duke, Karina Hean, and Dawn Hunter


featuring the artwork of Benjamin Duke, Karina Hean (shown), and Dawn Hunter

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