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After Walker Evans

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

August 30 - October 25, 2014

A group show at TCU's satellite space and curated by Rachel Cook of Houston's DiverseWorks, the work will explore the rapidly evolving interconnection between photographs and sculpture. Artists include Sterling Allen, Julia Brown, Cassandra Emswiler Burd, Carrie Cook, Jamal Cyrus, Lauren Moya Ford, Anna Elise Johnson, Rosine Kouamen, Adam Schreiber and J. Parker Valentine.


Collectors Eye: The Maloney Collection

The collection of James Edward Maloney contains a number of readily apparent themes: modern masters, Czech photography, street photography, and a number of individual artists […]

Suplex Presents: Justin Boyd

A part of a series of three solo exhibitions featuring Texas-based artists Justin Boyd, Jamal Cyrus, and Lauren Moya Ford. Transforming a previously abandoned location […]

Kathleen McShane: Off- Beige

McShane’s makes drawings, paintings and sculptures. But here, objects are not just hung, but also placed on the floor or in corners; as an apartment […]

Diego Leclery: Mature Work

The works in this series continue to test post-studio practice’s blurring of art and life on this deeper, more personal register, insinuating that two forces—the […]

Greg Colson: Material Consequences

Wall reliefs and drawings by Los Angeles-based Greg Colson. His first exhibition in Marfa reflects Colson’s direct way of combining unlikely materials and sociological observations […]

Julie Bozzi: Landscape Paintings

The Fort Worth-based artist presents fourteen small-scale, gouache on paper paintings that present landscapes at various times of day and season, each an intimate study […]

Judith Foosaner & Gian Garofalo

Two artists explore abstraction, Garofalo paints in vivid stripes and Foosaner investigates the relationship between black and white tones and shadows.

Fantastic Imagination: Fighting Complacency

Curator Felipe Contrera says, “What interests me personally about these artworks is first and foremost its accessibility to sensual perception, the necessity and specific qualities […]


The group show will feature video, new media, sculpture and two-dimensional work by Hiba Ali (Chicago), Tega Brain (Sydney and New York), Erika Blumenfeld (US), […]


A national exhibition of artists involved in self-produced, self-promoted art, music, literature and alternative media by John M. Bennett, Sophia Le Fraga, Lanny Quarles, Spencer […]

Christopher St. Leger: Mass and Void

St. Leger chooses the city and its people as the focus of his watercolors, “because the delicate spilling of watercolor on concrete isn’t a gesture […]

Deborah Roberts: One and Many

Deborah Roberts contradicts and exposes uncomfortable truths, taboos and myths about Black identity and idealized beauty, giving a contemporary voice to personal and political histories.

Antonio Serna: Some Kind of Primitive

Large paintings that oscillate between traditionally rendered figures and stenciled monolithic forms; antiquated dinosaur illustrations are overlaid with silhouettes of pixelated buildings that reference early […]

Bethany Johnson: Field Notes

Field Notes presents a selection of drawings that reference the careful study of natural sciences. Johnson’s methodically drawn tight parallel lines evoke a variety of […]

Alexa Kleinbard: remedies

Kleinbard is a self-taught painter, who for more than 30 years has explored folk medicines, scientific advances, the environment and the unsettling role of humans […]

Ella Kruglyanskaya: Grafika

The female figure has long been the focus of NY-based, Latvian-born Ella Kruglyanskaya’s work. Known for her bright cartoony paintings of women, here she presents […]

Rusty Scruby: Line to Circle

Scruby’s obsessive mixed media works show his fascination with the beauty found in mathematics and personal memory.

Larry Bell: Three Decades of Art

For those who can’t make it out to Marfa to see his current installation, here’s your chance to catch bunches of work by one of […]

Lecture: Robert Edsel

Lecture and book-signing with the author of The Monuments Men. The event is free, but tickets are limited and should be obtained in advance.

Patti Oleon: Parallel Spaces

San Francisco-based Patti Oleon’s realist paintings marry the conceptual with an undeniable technical prowess.

Collector's Eye: The Maloney Collection

The collection of James Edward Maloney features a wide range of museum-quality photography, from the classical and avant-garde to the contemporary.

27th Annual Día de los Muertos

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin […]