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Flight Gallery



116 Blue Star

San Antonio, TX 78204


Amada Claire Miller: Motherlode

Flight Gallery

October 6 - 30, 2016

A show of works by San Antonio artist Amada Claire Miller. The exhibition consists of works that explore fiber art as painting and challenge "the assumptions associated with fiber while further blurring the distinctions between craft and art." The show will also include wearable paintings.


Ansen Seale: The Transient Landscape

An exhibition of photographs by Ansen Seale. The works in the show were created using a special digital camera created by Seale that takes thousands of vertical image...

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Fotos y Artefactos

An exhibition curated by David Salinas and featuring artists from Los Angeles and Houston. The show includes works by Darwin Arevalo, Drew Bacon, Dylan Conner, Bill Daniel,...

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Kelsi Sharp: Tap to View

An exhibition of snaps (from the phone app Snapchat) that have been captured by the artist.

David Salinas: Nueva Antigua

“Salinas has been busy exploring the old of his new city through coffee-fueled lenses or pulling stacks of photographic gold from mysterious chemical baths.” I.e.:...

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Stuart Allen: Soap Bubbles and Glass

An exhibition of two new series of works by Stuart Allen. The pieces explore the distortion of looking through objects when “daylight is deconstructed and re-assembled.”

YES (the river knows)

A group exhibition to inaugurate Flight’s new space in the Blue Star Complex. Featuring: Alex Rubio, Andy Benavides, Ethel Shipton, Tommy Gregory, Vincent Valdez and many more.


What better way to celebrate the day FL!GHT entered the world eleven years ago than with a jam-packed, 59-person extravaganza.


Artists: Casey Arguelles Gregory, Lucas Johnson, Cathie Kayser, Kenny Lantz, Aaron Munoz, Kyle Olson, Gissett Padilla, Troy Stanley and Magda Boltz- Wilson Organized by:Techang

Gwynn Griffith: Shoe Sale

Inspiration from the closet: oil paintings of shoes for Griffith’s first solo show.

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