Erin Cluley Gallery

Erin Cluley Gallery


414 Fabrication Street

Dallas , Texas 75212


Josephine Durkin: Everbloom

Erin Cluley Gallery

May 26 - June 30, 2018

An exhibition of sewn collages, wall sculptures, and installations by Josephine Durkin. The pieces in the show are inspired by nature and are the artist's form of creating an evergreen garden.

Francisco Moreno: The Chapel and Accompanying Works

Erin Cluley Gallery

April 7 - June 2, 2018

An exhibition featuring a painted structure "based on the barrel-vaulted structure of the Spanish Romanesque mural paintings from the Hermitage of la Vera Cruz (Maderuelo) installed in the Prado, Madrid. Inside The Chapel, imagery is painted from a collapsed archive that draws on a range of works significant to the history and practice of painting, sculpture, architecture and other cultural producers."


Wheron: Gray Area

A pop-up show featuring a mural by Wheron and live tattooing of designs created by the artist.

Kalee Appleton: Glancing Backward

An exhibition featuring works by artist Kalee Appleton. “Glancing Backward explores the objectivity of photographs, specifically formulaic photographic backdrops used in mainstream photography studios of 19th...

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Gary Goldberg: Finding the Universe in Oaxaca

An exhibition featuring Gary Goldberg’s hand felted tapestries made in partnership with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. The imagery of the tapestries comes from the artist’s close-up photographs...

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Summer 2017

A group exhibition featuring works by the gallery’s artists.

Mike Carney: Looking to See the Thing

A show of works by Minneapolis-based artist Mike Carney. The pieces in the show explore ideas of what painting is through the use of non-traditional materials and the...

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Nic Nicosia: at home on time

A show of works by Nic Nicosia. To create his photographs, Nicosia manipulates interior spaces with lighting and sculptural elements that add to or distract from the characteristics...

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Through Thick and Thin: Image Painting Today

An exhibition exploring how “imagistic painting has persisted and also radically changed today.” Featuring works by Amna Asghar, Nadia Ayari, Dennis Congdon, Hilary Doyle, Anthony Giannini,...

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Anna Membrino: Views

A show of new paintings by Anna Membrino. “The artist sees her paintings as tableaus assembled to explore the vast possibility of perceptions when viewing very...

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Zeke Williams: Flagrant

A show of works by Zeke Williams. The pieces in the exhibition are “an ongoing exploration of the artist’s interest in color, forms found in nature,...

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René Treviño: Codex

A show of works by René Treviño. The pieces in the exhibition use symbols from ancient Mexico and Aztec calendars to address the artist’s “personal quest for...

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Kevin Todora: Gaslight

An exhibition of photographs by Dallas-based artist Kevin Todora. The works in the show come as an antithesis to the history of photography: Todora’s prints...

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An exhibition featuring works by: MIKE CARNEY (Minneapolis) OLIVER CLEGG (New York) CHIVAS CLEM (Paris, Texas) ALISON JARDINE (Dallas) MARILYN JOLLY (Dallas) NIC MATHIS (Dallas)...

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JM Rizzi: The Sanest Days Are Mad

An exhibition of paintings and works on paper that come from the “school of thought based in urban expressionism.” From the gallery: “Possessing the appearance...

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Rachel Livedalen: Capable Looking

An exhibition of prints, works on paper, and sculptures by Rachel Livedalen. The pieces in the show use cultural symbols and icons to comment on “contemporary girl culture...

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Oliver Clegg: Life is A Gasssss

An exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based mixed media artist Oliver Clegg. The works in the show “depict 20th century pop icons as an allusion to how...

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Not Photography

A group exhibition of work by artists challenging the traditional languages of photographic process. Featuring works by Chivas Clem, Adrián Fernández, Hillary Holsonback, Emily Peacock,...

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The second annual exhibition of art and design at Erin Cluley Gallery. Featuring work by: B. Stellar – Dallas bed thread – Denton Desert Hide...

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Francisco Moreno: Slates

Via Erin Cluley Gallery: “In SLATES, Moreno has developed a controlled system enabling him to approach the project with the freedom to investigate a widely diverse...

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A group exhibition of 10 artists: Cassandra Emswiler Burd, Mike Carney, Chivas Clem, Zanne Hochberg, Hidenori Ishii, Joshua King, Jimmy Joe Roche, Kevin Todora, René...

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Zeke Williams: Heat Check

An exhibition featuring a series of large-scale paintings by Dallas-based artist Zeke Williams inspired by the intersections of contemporary fashion, the female form, and technology.

El Mercado

EL MERCADO, a hybrid exhibition and market experience, will feature the works of nine artists and designers from Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Inspired...

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