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Emily Halbardier: Deep Green

“In between identifying radioactive lagoon flora and fabricating haphazard houseboats, an eclectic band of misfit subsisters spend their days riding waves and eating coconuts. With...

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Magnus Johnstone: Erotica

Magnus Johnstone exhibits his paintings made with acrylics that he calls "junglist", named after the genre of techno music called jungle. Johnstone sells copies of...

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Monster Show Five

Monster Show Five is back in H-town for HALLOWEEN 2010 with works by Eileen Maxson, Seth Alverson, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Robyn O’Neil, Aimee Jones, Robert...

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William Cardini: Hypermorph

Domy Books unleashes a new exhibition of work by William Cardini in Hypermorph. Through his videos, comics, drawings, paintings, and writing, Cardini has developed the...

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Trash Humpers- A film by Harmony Korine

In a nutshell- characters with masks running around doing crazy and chaotic acts like, well, humping trash. An absolute must-see! Click here for the trailer.

Chrissy Piper: Three Records

Domy Books, in association with Scion, unleashes Three Records, featuring new photographs by Chrissy Piper. Her ode to "Punk Rock" comes to life in these...

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Give Up: Half Way to Forever

Awesome graffiti art by Give Up. From large scale screen printed posters to full sized billboards, if you haven’t seen the posters around town you’ve...

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Houston-based artist collective BUFFET DVD launches its first video compilation! 16 video and performance artists from the likes of Lauren Kelley, Hilary Wilder, Laura Lark, Jonathan Durham,...

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Temporary Services: Art Work

Produced by Temporary Services and organized by Kate Watson, in conjunction with Claire Rudd and Circulatory Services. Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Politics is...

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Jennifer Deutrom: A Tangled Growth

Don’t miss Deutrom‘s strange, knobby drawings influenced by the live oak trees in Austin’s Zilker Park. She’s also got a series of drawings featuring small...

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Monster Show 4

Featuring a huge list of artists, including Mel Kadel (pictured).

Jim Tozzi & Dave Bryant

Jim Tozzi & Dave Bryant are Mister Meatball & the Doo-doodler. Enough said, right?

Jason Villegas

Domy Books, in association with the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, presents a screening of short videos by former Houstonian Jason Villegas. Also, be sure to...

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Conceptualized by Tim Kerr (whose work has never been exhibited in Houston), Friends features work by Kerr and four of his longtime friends; Bill Daniel,...

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Mark Todd: Oh, Man.

Check out new paintings and works on paper by Mark Todd. Also, on Tuesday, June 9 from 6-8 pm Brantly Martin will be reading from...

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Casual Encounters

Domy Books, in conjunction with Give Up, presents Casual Encounters, featuring work by Dirty Jeff, Derek Albeck, French, Give Up, Patrick Griffin, and Will Boone...

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Bernard Brunon

Domy Books, in association with The Art Guys, presents a book signing and presentation by artist turned house painter Bernard Brunon.


You may need sunglasses just to view this exhibit! Prismattak features some seriously bright and psychedelic work. Curated by Lisa Marie Godfrey, this show features...

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Monster Show 3

"Another year, another Halloween, another compendium of awesome monster drawings!!" This show features a boatload of great Texas artists, so don’t miss it!

Big Kids/Little Kids

Curated by John Freeborn, this exhibit brings his book of the same name to life in a traveling exhibit, focusing on the artists that shaped...

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