Devin Borden Gallery

Devin Borden Gallery


3917 Main Street

Houston, TX 77002



Jillian Conrad: Exact Nature

An exhibition of new works by Jillian Conrad that flirt the line between physical objects, images, and ways of seeing.

David Lackey: Memories and Maladies

A show of new art assemblages by antiquarian-turned-artist David Lackey using found, 19th century photographs and objects.

Darryl Lauster: Ought Not No One

Dallas-based artist Darryl Lauster presents drawings and sculpture spawned by the relationship of his personal life’s story to broader historical references.

Eric Schnell: The Book of Pure Science

A delicate, tentative, room-sized installation of spindly twiggy things pasted together with scraps of watercolor drawings, augmented with more drawings, odds, ends and rocks. It’s...

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Kaneem Smith: Substrate

New work from Houston artist Kaneem Smith. Click here for our slideshow interview with her from a few years back!


A rotating selection of recent works by gallery artists including Christopher Cascio (pictured), Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Geoff Hippenstiel, and others.

Jay Giroux: Chopped and Screwed

Giroux uses incidental gestures and symbolism from urban streetscapes in his newest paintings. Screenprinted elements and gestural marks are intended to create tension and a variety of detail. 

Laura Lark: Night Gallery

Mass media has left an enormous field of indelible dots across Lark’s tearproof, Tyvek soul.

Melissa Thorne: A Wall Around a Window

In her current exhibition A Wall Around a Window, Melissa Thorne explores memory, familiarity, history and transformation in an ambitious installation encompassing wall painting, individual...

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Jay Giroux: Ideas are Free

New paintings by Brooklyn-based Jay Giroux juxtapose modernism and hedonistic pop culture.

Ted Kincaid: Earth, Sea And Sky

Photographically-based work explores digitally manufactured realties. Intimate nocturnal landscapes are fabricated from scratch, lunar images dissected and reconfigured and tumultuous seascapes are punctuated with struggling...

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Nicole Fein: Forgotten

San Francisco artist Nicole Phungrasamee Fein creates intimately-scaled works on paper by laying down strokes of color in in a process more akin to weaving...

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