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Cult of Personality

An exhibition of works by artists Devon Nowlin, Kelly O’Connor, and Bret Slater.

Jonathan Ryan Storm: The Mortimer Trap

An exhibition of paintings by artist Jonathan Ryan Storm, whose process is a strategic mix of chance and deliberate choice. The show’s title refers to […]

Liz Rodda: Impressions

Mixed media, sculpture, and video works by artist Liz Rodda playfully challenge social conventions and common definitions of beauty and femininity. Shake it off.

Michael Velliquette: Serpent Worship

Velliquette’s new series of dimensional cut paper constructions embrace their folkloric origins, but insist on a new spiritual vocabulary—one that combines aspects of 20th-century formalism with contemporary sensibilities […]

Special Madness

A curious group show (with Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Stanya Kahn, Chloe Seibert, Jesse Stecklow, and Ian Swanson), curated by Keith J. Varadi, who must have a […]

Rumpus Room

Shelton’s summer show looks fun: Sterling Allen, Mira Dancy, Mike Kelley & Michael Smith, Jonathan Ryan Storm and Ana Villagomez. The Mike Kelly/Mike Smith is […]

Parallel Myths

Summer show with Michael Bise, Joey Fauerso, Keith Mayerson, and Vincent Valdez.

Kelly O'Connor: Blinded by the Light

Rising star O’Connor delivers a strong show of new collages. These works tap the highs (color! fun! movie stars!) and lows (abject lonliness! feelings of […]

James Smolleck: Sweat Bath with Saturn

Borrowing elements from classical mythology, numerology, occult science and sacred geometry, these collage works, drawings and paintings are parables about the practice of self-discovery.

we were them: Margaret Meehan

Tarring and feathering, Joan Crawford, bluebirds, gender and race in America, as well as devices of anonymity are some of the source materials Margaret Meehan […]

Under the Moon Tower

New work by seven UT Austin grad students and recent graduates, including Peter Abrami, Janaye Brown, Georgia Carter, Adriana Corral, Aaron Meyers, James Scheuren, and […]

Common Objects

Common Objects, curated by Houston painter Shane Tolbert, brings together three painters from three coasts who modestly mine the idiosyncrasies of daily experience. Ted Gahl, […]

Jonathan Faber: Surface

Faber’s paintings undergo a continual process of editing and refining, retaining something of their past through the variety of built up layers. Barren muted spaces […]

Prelude: Beginning a Conversation

The inaugural exhibition at Shelton’s new location in Houston features works by Jessica Halonen, Leigh Anne Lester, Margaret Meehan, Kelly O’Connor, James Smolleck, Vincent Valdez […]

Al Souza: More Fundamentals

New mixed media collages and cut paper “bookworks” from five recent bodies of work by Al Souza.

The Long View

Featuring New Works by Meredith Dean, Constance Lowe, and Paula Owen.

New Works on Paper

Featuring Jonathan Faber, Sara Frantz, Kelly O’Connor, Dan Sutherland, and Vincent Valdez

Michael Veliquette: Split Janus

Small-scale works and new wall cut-outs that combine drawing and the colorful, complex cut paper constructions for which Veliquette is best known.

Jessica Halonen: Propagating Uncertainty

New drawings and sculptural works that investigate the use of genetic modification in plants and animals by the pharmaceutical industry by Jessica Halonen, a new […]

Jayne Lawrence: Subject Properties

New drawings and sculptural works juxtapose buildings and insects colonies in San Antonio artist Jayne Lawrence’s first one-person exhibition at David Shelton. (Please note: The […]

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