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Valerie Keane: The desire to be everything

Dallas Contemporary

January 14 - March 18, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by artist Valerie Keane. The show includes Keane's elaborate, dramatically lit constructions that are made of industrial materials like acrylic, metal hardware, and steel cables. The pieces explore "urban geographies, psychedelia, literature, and the frankensteinian relationship between artwork and maker."

Enoc Perez: Liberty & Restraint

Dallas Contemporary

January 14 - March 18, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Enoc Perez. This show is the culmination of Perez's interest and research into the Texas-based work of late architect Philip Johnson.

Mary Katrantzou: Mary, Queen of Prints

Dallas Contemporary

January 14 - March 18, 2018

An exhibition celebrating fashion designer Mary Katrantzou. Katrantzou's pieces use silhouettes, trompe l’oeil, and digital printing and blur the lines between fine art and wearable fashion.


Kiki Smith: Mortal

“Kiki Smith’s Mortal addresses universal aspects of the human condition. Titled after a series of woodcut prints that depict the final stages of her mother’s life, Mortal couples Smith’s...

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Keer Tanchak: Soft Orbit

A site-specific exhibition by Dallas-based artist Keer Tanchak. “Tanchak’s approach to painting demonstrates how the medium is always operating in a web of tradition and cultural...

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Pia Camil: Bara, Bara, Bara

A show of works by Mexico City-based artist Pia Camil. In her work, Camil explores themes of art history, consumerism, globalization, and the Mexican urban landscape

Ambreen Butt: What is left of me

“Ambreen Butt’s What is left of me addresses current political oppression and violence globally through large-scale resin installations and collage-based works.” The pieces in the...

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Helmut Lang: Burry

A solo exhibition by artist Helmut Lang. In this exhibition, the artist uses sheepskin installed in the gallery to highlight the gallery’s physical space.

Robert Adanto: The F Word

A film by Robert Adanto documenting the work of “4th wave” feminist performance artists. This screening is free and open to the public.

Aura Satz: Her Marks, a Measure

An exhibition of works by London-based artist Aura Satz. This show includes Between the Bullet and the Hole, a newly commissioned film focusing on the role of women in...

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CHIT CHAT: Doubleheader

For the first half of this program, artist Adriana Varejão will discuss her exhibition with adjunct curator, Pedro Alonzo. Then, at 12:30, there will be a panel...

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Sychrodogs: Supernatural

An exhibition by Sychrodogs, a Ukrainian collaborative duo consisting of Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven. The artists use photography to explore the raw sense of self...

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Adriana Varejao: Kindred Spirits

An exhibition of works by Brazilian artist Adriana Varejao. By highlighting historical inaccuracies during Brazil’s colonial period, Varejao’s works give light to various conflicts and atrocities that...

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Nadia Kaabi-Linke: Walk the Line

An exhibition of Berlin-based artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke. Through an examination of individual components that comprise our societal structures, Kaabi-Linke highlights dynamics that are often overlooked and forgotten....

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Bani Abidi: An Unforeseen Situation

An exhibition by Karachi (Pakistan) and Berlin-based artist Bani Abidi. Working primarily through video and immersive installation, Abidi explores notions of national and cultural identity.

Testino | Uklanski | Burd

Three solo shows under one roof: International fashion photographer Testino turns his lens on mountainous people of Peru and their traditional and festive costumes. Uklanski is...

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