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Kale Roberts: Fabrication and Value

Kale Roberts’s exhibition at Co-Lab features a sound installation with a bed, a quilt, a television, and the sweet smell of money. Roberts says "Money […]

Vortex Brainsaw Massacre

Co-Lab & MASS Gallery present Vortex Brainsaw Massacre- a nasty, gory, shocking, confusing, awesome, scary, hairy, D.A.R.E-y, brainy, Halloweeny piece of insanity happening on Saturday, […]

Ryan Lauderdale: Real life Realm

Check out a multimedia collection of new work by Ryan Lauderdale at Co-Lab in his exhibition Real life Realm opening Saturday, September 25.

Kim Wimprine: Subliminal Cognizance

Kim Wimprine’s large-scale interactive sculptures incorporate handmade ceramic pieces with other mixed media. In her installation Subliminal Cognizance at Co-Lab, Wimprine creates a unique space […]


Sarah Welch, Sarah Crowe, and Graham Austin take over Co-Lab for an exhibition including a wide range of media. In this new group exhibition, AIN’T […]

Errin Delperdang: When You Say Go Here

When You Say Go Here is a dance/movement piece by Errin Delperdang that deals with "proximity and control". The performance piece includes an evening of […]

Caitlin G. McCollom: *CASH ONLY

"In *Cash Only, Caitlin McCollom aligns herself with Catholic images as she transforms herself into art deity. Like Catholic iconography, she will present her image […]

Ashley Hunt: Notes on the Emptying of a City

Co-Lab and Fluent~Collaborative present a one-night only performance by Ashley Hunt, artist/activist/writer on Monday, July 5. In Notes on the Emptying of a City, Hunt […]

Chad Hopper and Amanda Jones: Demand + Supply

"The assignment- 1. Create a list of mutually agreed-upon supplies limited to 20 different elements with specified quantities. 2. Gather all supplies on list individually. […]

Lali Roo: Disposable Spirit

In Disposable Spirit, Lali Roo explores the concepts of identity loss from the "disposability" of digital media. This interactive installation consists of all sorts of […]

Warren Aldrich: Gypsy

This show is for all the shopaholics out there. Warren Aldrich’s installation at Co-Lab is all about the thrill of the hunt and the objects […]


RUDE, RAUNCHY AND EXPLICIT… Texas Crude is a salon style gallery exhibition featuring the work of, well, just about anyone if you submitted your work […]

David Ellis

Landmarks and Domy Books team up to bring us a special event to meet New York artist, David Ellis at Co-Lab. Called a “tour de […]

David Ellis

Landmarks and Domy Books team up to bring us a special event to meet New York artist, David Ellis at Co-Lab. Called a “tour de […]

Riff : Wura-Natasha Ogunji + Jorge Rojas

In Riff, Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Jorge Rojas engage in a "24-hour improvisatory exchange using raw materials (paper, thread, wax) and sensory elements (sound, light, mirrors) […]

Roseanne Black: Live Nude

Sex, sex and more sex. Roseanne Black’s "per-formative installation" Live Nude is at Co-Lab for one night only Saturday, April 3, from 7-11 pm.

Anthony Sonnenberg: Beauty is not Benign

Anthony Sonnenberg investigates the circular force of nature, from growth and decay to life and death in his exhibition at Co-Lab. In Beauty is not […]

Josh Ronsen: Revising the Century

Mail Art! Josh Ronsen invited "Mail Artists" to alter photographs chronicling the 20th Century in this one night only event at Co-Lab. 40 artists from […]

Hillary Andujar: Fish Funeral

We all die and Fish Funeral, a one-night event at Co-Lab, hopes to help us deal with the unpleasant nature of the funerals we will […]

Aron Taylor: Itself

Satanic sculpture and box cutters- beware of the apocalypse! Aron Taylor creates Terracotta-like totems made from cardboard, wheat paste, a Xerox machine, and various blades […]

60 Second Southern Video Festival [Volume 1]

Fugitive Projects brings together a collection of videos in 60 Second Southern Video Festival [Volume 1]. This screening is brought to Austin by The Birdhouse Collective.

Alyssa Taylor Wendt: ((TRANSFER STATION))

Multiple interactive listening and recording stations plus a triptych of large format Chromogenic prints will be on view in Alyssa Taylor Wendt‘s exhibition Transfer Station.

Sean Ripple: Artificial Scarcity

"Artificial Scarcity is artist Sean Ripple’s attempt to rescue three years worth of art photography from the digital abyss by pulling a publicity stunt of […]

Joshua Saunders: Hanged Man

"Hanged man is a collection of items purchased from the blue hanger and then organized over the course of two years.  All the items belonging […]