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Angelbert Metoyer: Life Machine

Co-Lab Projects

October 3 - 31, 2015

An exhibition of works by Angelbert Metoyer. His artist statement for the exhibition: "The body as teleportation Memories and moments operating within the scales of time, This installation includes video from ongoing gathered footage, along with mirrors that of been edged with the human body, And remains/remainders of personality and spirit, in clothing and personal objects."



A one-night only screening of “an experimental narrative feature film that tells the story of a young man in Berlin trying to survive at the...

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A three-part pop-up exhibition: “Labile Affect” (Natalie Bradford, Whitney Hill, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson); “Peels” (Kayla Jones and Lillian Byrd); and “You Are When...

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An exhibition of images, objects, and video by the Austin-based HIXX collective of creative disruptors, whose work combines southern culture and aesthetics with formalist movements...

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Conspectus: Two Thousand Fourteen

A Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of Co-Lab’s 2014 programming year: smaller components from each of projects shown together. Artists: Erica Botkin, Leslie Moody Castro &...

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I, Daughter of Kong: Primum Movens

This seems to be a huge group show of Halloween über-oddness, described thusly: “It has been brought to our attention that since the 1970 discovery...

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Scott Proctor: Unmentionables

Work inspired by Juicy Couture sweats; they leave much to the imagination while at the same time not quite so subtly alluding to what we...

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Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Books

The press release for this show encourages you to “Peruse over 20 or 100 books. Talk to the bookshop clerk for a few minutes. Go...

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Margaritavillage: Andy Rihn

An absurdist celebration of Buffett’s 1970’s musical output and his influence on culture.

Just Me Doin’ Me: Erica Botkin

Botkin is fascinated with pop culture and celebrity status. She has created Valentine cards and a range of customizable objects including blankets, key chains clocks...

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∆DELTA: Noah Spidermen

Two installations explore six possible afterworlds based in myth, internet, & reality. Using ancient iconography and technology Spidermen exhibits “ΓGamma” a video projection and “∆Delta”...

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Whatever Lola

In this performance, the iconic black satin gown worn by Rita Hayworth in Gilda extends to become a literal, spherical cage within which the performance...

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A look back at Co-Lab’s 2013 programming year. Now smaller components from each of 2013 project will be shown together.

Day-Glow: A mural by Christie Blizard

This mural is an exploration of movement in space at particular times, represented by color-coded day-glow paint and lines that respond to changes in time.

de/Rastra: Kyle E. Evans

de/Rastra reconstructs cathode ray tube technology, a form of communication between broadcaster and receiver, into an interface, accentuating the materiality of the technology over its...

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God Parents: Cody Ledvina

Cody Ledvina declares that “I will project a performance on the west side wall of the Co-Lab in 8 intervals of 5 minutes each. This...

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We Are All Astronauts

We Are All Astronauts is a collection of video works by students of Digital Time-Art (DTA) at the University of Texas at Austin. DTA explores...

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Worth its Weight: Tamara Rodriguez

An exhibit that explores preciousness and the perimeters that define it through the satire of venerated classical and cultural images. On view by appointment only...

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