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A three-part pop-up exhibition: “Labile Affect” (Natalie Bradford, Whitney Hill, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson); “Peels” (Kayla Jones and Lillian Byrd); and “You Are When […]


An exhibition of images, objects, and video by the Austin-based HIXX collective of creative disruptors, whose work combines southern culture and aesthetics with formalist movements […]

Conspectus: Two Thousand Fourteen

A Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of Co-Lab’s 2014 programming year: smaller components from each of projects shown together. Artists: Erica Botkin, Leslie Moody Castro & […]

I, Daughter of Kong: Primum Movens

This seems to be a huge group show of Halloween über-oddness, described thusly: “It has been brought to our attention that since the 1970 discovery […]

Dave Culpepper: Wake me when it's quitting time

Austin artist and Ink Tank member Dave Culpepper explains the exhibition thusly: “1 bed/1 bath. tastefully redone in ’11. cncrt flrs, parking, club house, controlled […]

Scott Proctor: Unmentionables

Work inspired by Juicy Couture sweats; they leave much to the imagination while at the same time not quite so subtly alluding to what we […]

Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Books

The press release for this show encourages you to “Peruse over 20 or 100 books. Talk to the bookshop clerk for a few minutes. Go […]

Margaritavillage: Andy Rihn

An absurdist celebration of Buffett’s 1970’s musical output and his influence on culture.

Just Me Doin’ Me: Erica Botkin

Botkin is fascinated with pop culture and celebrity status. She has created Valentine cards and a range of customizable objects including blankets, key chains clocks […]

∆DELTA: Noah Spidermen

Two installations explore six possible afterworlds based in myth, internet, & reality. Using ancient iconography and technology Spidermen exhibits “ΓGamma” a video projection and “∆Delta” […]

Whatever Lola

In this performance, the iconic black satin gown worn by Rita Hayworth in Gilda extends to become a literal, spherical cage within which the performance […]


A look back at Co-Lab’s 2013 programming year. Now smaller components from each of 2013 project will be shown together.

Hedonic Map of Austin: Jennifer Chenoweth

The artist will collect public input on locations in Austin where people have had meaningful experiences. On each map point, people can record references to […]

Day-Glow: A mural by Christie Blizard

This mural is an exploration of movement in space at particular times, represented by color-coded day-glow paint and lines that respond to changes in time.

de/Rastra: Kyle E. Evans

de/Rastra reconstructs cathode ray tube technology, a form of communication between broadcaster and receiver, into an interface, accentuating the materiality of the technology over its […]

God Parents: Cody Ledvina

Cody Ledvina declares that “I will project a performance on the west side wall of the Co-Lab in 8 intervals of 5 minutes each. This […]

We Are All Astronauts

We Are All Astronauts is a collection of video works by students of Digital Time-Art (DTA) at the University of Texas at Austin. DTA explores […]

Worth its Weight: Tamara Rodriguez

An exhibit that explores preciousness and the perimeters that define it through the satire of venerated classical and cultural images. On view by appointment only […]

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