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Clamp Light Studios

1704 Blanco Rd, Suite 104

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The Bestiary

Clamp Light Studios

July 13 - 31, 2018

The Bestiary is an exhibition that considers animals and how humans interact with them. The show is curated by San Antonio artist Sarah Fox and includes ceramic works by Houston based Terri Foltz-Fox and drawings and sculptural works by San Antonio’s Angelica Raquel.


Barbara Miñarro: Between Us

Between Us “is a fiber installation featuring large scale sculptures” that explore themes of migration, language, displacement, tension, confinement, repetition, and hanging.


Thread is an exhibition focusing on artists using needle and thread in contemporary techniques, narratives, and conceptual practices. The show was curated by Alana Coates and features...

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Jared Theis: Under the Sparkle Sunshine

Under the Sparkle Sunshine is a multi-media installation featuring video, sculpture and costumes created by artis Jaredt Theis. Theis’ work uses fantastic creatures to explore instinct, evolution...

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Rachel Fischer: Bad Omens

“Through her work, Rachel Fischer looks for transformation within mundane artifacts of everyday life. The work she creates are pseudo-spiritual icons, protective totems and apparitions....

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Loc Huynh: Politically Incoherent

A show of works by Lincoln, Nebraska-based artist Loc Huynh. In his cartoon-like style, Huynh uses exaggeration and caricature to comment on politics and contemporary society.

Monsters & Likewise

An exhibition curated by Jen Frost Smith. The show features works by Flor Ameira, John Dalton Atkins, Jose Balli, Sarah Castillo, Kaley Flowers, Sarah Fox, Brittany Ham,...

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Borrowed Whimsy

A show featuring works by Kimberly Rumfelt and Brianna M. Burnett, two of Clamp Light’s founding members


A show curated by Sarah Fox and featuring works by Daniel Aston, Eden Collins, Cassandra Dixon, and Barbara Miñarro. The artists in the show “all use the...

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Crossing Borders

A show of postcard-sized works. “Crossing Borders seeks to celebrate the immigrant spirit that is part of the American story, raise awareness about the immigrant...

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Photographs and Facemasks

An exhibition featuring paper sculptures by Abigail Brown and photographs by Diane Fox. The show is curated by Carol Cunningham.

Jen Frost Smith: Good Vibes

An exhibition of new works by Jen Frost Smith. “Good Vibes seeks to sage-out or remove the bad juju of the last few months by bringing...

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Blanco Heat

An exhibition celebrating the history of Clamp Light’s building. Most notably, from 1978 to 1986, the building was home to Southwest Championship Wrestling. In honor of Clamp...

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Michelle Thomas: In Play

An installation by Dallas artist Michelle Thomas. In her work, Thomas uses layered and nontraditional materials to respond to the site of her installation.

Joshua McDevitt: Orientation: Unsure

An exhibition of works by Joshua McDevitt. In the show, McDevitt explores “western societal mores and expectations such as gender roles, heteronormativity, masculinity in boys, and femininity in...

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Sarah Jamison: Between the Void

An exhibition by Chicago-based artist Sarah Jamison exploring the unforeseen moments that define our lives. “Between the Void is the photographic manifestations of our journey together,...

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Three The Hard Way

Three solo exhibitions curated by Raul Gonzalez. The exhibition will feature paintings, drawings and performance by Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr., abstract works on paper by Eric Breish, and...

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Jen Frost Smith: Deluge

An exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculptures and videos by Jen Frost Smith. In her work, the artist expresses ” self-doubt, current events, and the desire to...

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Jose Villalobos: Skin and Within

An exhibition by San Antonio-based artist Jose Villalobos. Creating ceramics and other works, Villalobos explores self-identity and body image through the lens of today’s society.

The Altered Landscape

A group exhibition of works that explore the different ways humans intervene with the natural landscape. This event is part of Fotoseptiembre.

Before I Die…

The opening of a new permanent, interactive wall piece created by Northwest Vista Art Professor Carol Cunningham and her design students inspired by New Orleans...

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Jessica Sailors: This skin I'm in

Artist and current Clamp Light resident Jessica Sailors’ recent sculptural and photographic works explore cultural norms surrounding the female body and beauty rituals.

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