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1130 Dragon St #150

Dallas, TX 75207

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Hyper Cord

Circuit 12 Contemporary

August 15 - September 5, 2015

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Gina Garza that utilize pattern-making to transform internal views into outer perceptions.



New works by Ted Gahl, TJ Donovan, Keith J Varadi, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Carmen Price, Cody Tumblin, Ron Ewert, Tisch Abelow, Cody Hudson, Jim Drain, […]


The first installment of a multi-part collaborative project. The conceptual and material components will then move to Hiroshima Art Center in February and to Zurich […]

Andrea Myers: Begin to Dissolve

Andrea Myers’ work explores the space between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, hybridizing painting, printmaking and sculpture, primarily with the use of fabric and paper.

Alex Dijulio: Constellation Logic

DiJulio is a sculptor and installation artist from Philadelphia. He draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings; he collects, gathers and analyzes found objects and presents […]


Featuring Jesse Morgan Barnett, John Frost, Michael Mazurek, Colby Parsons, Lucia Simek.  Curated by Ryder Richards.

Clark Goolsby: Shatter

Gooolsby has created 12 paintings in which he confronts his emotions triggered by the excess of information.

Tripper: Josh Reames

In his first solo show at Circuit 12 Contemporary, Josh Reames presents a new series of paintings, customized sunglasses, and installation work that merges tropical […]

Concrete Jungle

It’s the last chance to see Concrete Jungle. Concrete Jungle creates a tribal, modernist society within the gallery as a reflection of the 1955 film Blackboard […]

Even Flow

New works from Los Angeles based artist Patrick Martinez, San Francisco based artist Aaron De La Cruz and London England based artist James Roper.

New Future

A group show featuring works by Maya Hayuk, Nathan Green, Kristen Schiele, Michael Dotson, Andrea Myers, and Morgan Blair.

Surface Pattern

A group show featuring works by Dean Monogenis, Kirath Ghundoo, Pepa Prieto, Misato Suzuki, Thomas Spoerndle, Morgan Blair, Lucas Martell, John Guthrie, James Roper, Jessy […]

Dream Continuum

Circuit 12’s inaugural exhibition features Michael Dotson, Kristen Schiele, Sofia Arnold, Linda Chalmers, Ky Anderson, Anthony Cudahy, Clark Goolsby, Graham Caldwell, Aaron Moran, Drew Tyndell, […]

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