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Side Effects That Nobody Wants

An exhibition of work by painters James Burns, Chris Henry, and Dual, drawing influence from graphic design, typography, cartoons, and the high keyed color palate […]

Lane Hagood: Who Let the Dogs Out?

A solo exhibition of new paintings by Houston artist Lane Hagood, featuring canine imagery and initially inspired by his brief friendship with a stray dog […]

In Passing: New work by GIVE UP

This show’s title might refer both to GIVE UP’s transition from ephemeral street art toward the creation of more permanent gallery works, as well as […]

DUAL: Daytripper

A solo gallery exhibition featuring the latest works of prolific Houston street artist, DUAL.

Ken Wiatrek: Relics

Wiatrek is a painter. His colorful abstract geometric paintings combine design elements with brushwork.

PMA: Paul Rodriguez / Donna Huanca

PMA is a multi-media installation by nomadic artists traveling throughout Latin America, USA and Europe. Huanca and Rodriguez explore the conditions of their movement amongst […]


Featuring work by Erin Joyce, Bret Shirley, and Lauren Moya Ford with performances by Screwed Anthologies and VRS.

Well Behaved Animals

New works by Daniel Anguilu, Eyesore, and Faviola Valencia Music by DJ Meshak and DJ P.

GIVE UP: Omens

A solo gallery show by renowned Houston Street artist GIVE UP, featuring new and recent works, poster prints, fine art pieces, photos, etc, all available […]

Christopher Cascio: Spring Break

Vast collages on canvas about obsession, compulsion, personal branding and collecting/hoarding, often pushing the lines between passion and pathology.

All Dread Set

Sound and video by Coxcombs, installations by Tina Forbis and Ken Wiatrek, paintings by Jon Read, and music by Lucas Gorham. Here’s the press release […]

Mark Flood: The Bitterness of the Red Pill

The artist’s statement “stresses substance abuse as a risk-factor for art and art attempts” and posits corporations as viral entities that reproduce through human hosts, […]

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