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Charlotte Smith: Color Full


April 21 - May 13, 2017

A show of works by artist Charlotte Smith. The artist on her work: “Painting and making art is a meditative activity for me. Playing with paint and other materials is more interesting to me than creating images."


Zoë Shulman: Circuit Topology

A show of works by Zoë Shulman. The mixed-media works attempt to “visualize geometries that subvert traditional painting canon.”

Orna Feinstein: Treetopia

A show of works by artist Orna Feinstein. This exhibition features works from three of the artist’s ongoing series which explore optical tricks that play with...

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Tahila Xicahuamazatl Mintz: SPOKEN

An exhibition of black and white photographs by artist Tahila Xicahuamazatl Mintz. The works in the show benefit from deep looking and slowly reveal themselves to...

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Lorena Morales: Urban Kaleidoscope

An exhibition of works by Lorena Morales. In this show, Morales presents abstract cityscapes that address the “impermanence of reality, movement of time, and perception of home.”

Misha Penton: Transparent Vulnerability

A “watercolor and audio environment” created by artist Misha Penton. The works in the show act as ephemeral representations of the artist’s musical work.

McKay Otto: Ever Or Ever

An exhibition featuring works by McKay Otto. Comprised of new “Wave Field” paintings, the works in the exhibition focus on the subjects of geometry, space and light.

Michael W. Hall: Pathways

An exhibition by Michael W. Hall. The pieces in the show attempt to capture secret, hidden, less traveled backroads and pathways across the US.

Orna Feinstein: Matter, Material, & Metaphor

An exhibition of monoprints by artist Orna Feinstein. By experimenting with different inks and the layering of images, Feinstein creates works of art that deceive the eye.

Luz y Movimiento: Ender Martos

“Ender Martos invites the viewer into a new dimension of interpretation, playing with light and perception to create senses of movement and orderly chaos.”


A group exhibition featuring works by artists Larry Akers, Jonathan Clark, Robert Jason Cross and Dameon Lester.

Who We Are: Memories, Myths, & Fantasies

An exhibition featuring works by artists Patrick Palmer, Yuliya Lanina, and Matthew Gantt–each in their own ways creating characters and investigating our experiences, beliefs, and...

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