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Joseph Phillips: Reconciling the Gulf

Naive plans for potentially grand or impossible constructions that hint at our desires and fears, our capabilities and our limitations.

Megan Harrison: Elastic Limit

Drawings that reference images of arctic exploration large expanses of space withevidence of ruins and remains, sinking into a land of stark beauty and isolation.

Riley Robinson: Maryanne

Robinson’s first San Antonio exhibition in 3 years: welded steel works that make sardonic statements about memory and belief systems, based  on Mike Mulligan and...

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Jimmy James Canales: Baila esta Cactus

Documents the relationship between “Techjano* performance artist” Jimmy James Canales and a Prickly Pear Cactus.  Canales leads us through the painful affair utilizing videos and...

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Dyan Green: Odds and Ends

Green explores beauty in the mundane. She collects items such as vintage buttons, sewing pins, lost keys, broken jewelry and discarded toys, to form playful...

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Lucia LaVilla Havelin: Hot Zone

An exploration, in fiber, of viruses, bacteria and global warming. LaVilla-Havelin uses cocktail and dinner napkins as the base for two embroidered series:  VIRAL COCKTAIL...

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Tom Walsh: New Works

Tom Walsh’s latest crop of brightly clored, energetic abstractions on wooden panels. Walsh contends that paintings are “the quintessential potential energy, a breath away from...

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Lawrence Jennings: Recent Paintings

Lawrence Jennings’ recent abstract paintings on grip-tape, based on video-feedback, have precedent: his 2005 show at Sala Diaz included fractal-shaped acrylic-sheet paintings and sculpture made...

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Michelle Rozic: Wilderness

cactus bra Space presents “felted representations of mutated suburban flora and fauna” by Michelle Rozic. We’re not sure precisely what felted means, but Rozic says...

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Julian Forrest: Loss of Control

Loss Of Control is an exhibition of new paintings by Canadian artist Julian Forrest. This playful yet poignant look at masculinity and issues that arise...

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Ty Wilcox: Directions Not Included

cactus bra SPACE, in the Blue Star Art Complex, presents Directions Not Included, a new exhibition throughout the month of October. Ty Wilcox showcases an...

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Jason Urban: Hard-Edged Sea

Jason Urban’s new exhibition at cactus bra SPACE features a recently completed sculptural printwork on view for two nights only!! In Hard-Edged Sea, Urban exhibits...

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Ryder Richards: Trajectory

Ryder Richards’ new drawings, installations, and sculptures are derived from the ballistic trajectory of a .270 Winchester rifle. On view at cactus bra SPACE, the...

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Larry Graeber: Don

Larry Graeber’s installation of photographs and sculptural objects at cactus bra SPACE stems from an experience with a small forest between Columbus and Sealy Texas....

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2217- Photographs by Sarah Sudhoff

Sarah Sudhoff’s photographs are now at cactus bra SPACE. 2217 is an on-going series featuring individuals afflicted by Neurofibromatosis–the most common genetic disorder that causes...

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Angela Fox: Chrysalis

cactus bra SPACE showcases Chrysalis, an exhibition of mixed media collages by Angela Fox! Chrysalis, named after a life stage in the development of butterflies,...

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Green Room With Cain Nevaeh

Whoa! Celebrity and party appearance king Cain Nevaeh will invite the public into his own Green Room after appearing on the talk show The Ro Show with...

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Justin Boyd: Yew Tree Gate

"Justin Boyd will be exhibiting some of his work from the Arthouse Texas Prize finalist show for the first time in San Antonio at cactus bra...

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Rx Garden: Sticky Ends

The latest work from Jessica Halonen, whose recent show at Art Palace in Austin was great. It’s about drugs! Check it out!

Leslie Mutchler: OverGrowth

"Modeled after Le Corbusier’s Quartiers Modernes Fruges in Pessac, France, Mutchler’s recycled paper structures collapse and evolve as rye grass grows wild, destroying the physicality,...

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Judith Cottrell:

"Combining installation and performance, …It’s Time. quietly depicts an internal dialogue between [Cottrell’s] seemingly apparent reality and the reality that exists within her unconscious part...

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Meg Langhorne: Animal

"Meg Langhorne would like the world to be a peaceable kingdom. In these new gouache paintings she romanticizes prey and adds a risqué twist, so...

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Mira Hnatyshyn: Lineage

Cactus Bra presents Hnatyshyn‘s "room-sized exhibit of painting and sculpture that places historical icons from the English aristocracy in a contemporary context – the White...

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Cheryl Childress:

St. Louis-based artist Cheryl Childress’ photographs of staged events question the difference between fantasy and delusion, and we’re intrigued by the results. This is her...

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