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Houston, TX 77001

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Chuck & George, Autumn Knight, Danielle C. Head, and Brian Piana

BOX 13 ArtSpace

November 8 - December 13, 2014

Four shows. The collaborative team Chuck & George present work inspired by their personal history of movies, children's stories, toys, music and TV shows in Table Scrappin': Less than Nowhere Now. Autumn Knight's Yates vs. Worthing borrows its content from interviews collected from her mother and father. Danielle C. Head's photographic work examines the mysterious and anachronistic intersections between the past and the present in her exhibition, Lester Kannon. Brian Piana's new works expand on his usage of color patterns generated by searching Twitter's public timeline for references to the words "red," "green," "blue," and "yellow" in New Compositions in RGB and Sometimes Y.


My Son Is A Saint: Nick Barbee and CJ Davis

Galveston-based Nick Barbee and Dallas-based CJ Davis share an aesthetic sensibility “rooted in material exploration, a grandmother, a visual vocabulary based in humor and everyday […]

Factor.field: Colleen Ludwig

 Ludwig’s work is motivated by an interest in the way people constantly receive and emit sensory signals with their bodies. Participants move within the work […]

Church of Man Love: Curated by Mark Ponder

A show borne from individual artists’ desire for growth through the mental and spiritual stimulation of sexual experiences. Features work from Jonathan Armistead, Chris Bogia, Brian […]

No Fart No Bliss: Curated by Sara Schultz

Participatory and non-participatory works that consider the slow, paused, and patient as a way to transfer information. Including: Michelle Chen-Dubose, Carrie Marie Schneider, and Kate […]

Internal Dialogue: Grant Cox

Cox’s exhibition questions the idea that machines are more productive and efficient than human labor.

PlusPlus: Edward Ramsay-Morin

For 4 years computer programming has been central to Ramsay-Morin’s art. The work in this exhibition represents efforts in pre-rendered animation.

Paul Middendorf: The Everyday

Middendorf is known as the face of Gallery HOMELAND. Here he wears his artist hat and gives us a show that focuses on a variety […]

Angela Malchionno

In the Window Box Angela Malchionno will install large scale drawings that incorporate a variety of media and techniques.

...mistress: Regina Agu

Regina Agu, who incorporates both projections and drawings in her work, deals with identity, body, and memory in the site specific installation …mistress

WORDPLAY: curated by Sapphire Williams

Box 13 ArtSpace presents Sapphire Williams’ curatorial project WORDPLAY in the Downstairs Front and Back BOX. It will feature a variety of text oriented pieces.

BOX 13 ArtSpace Presents Four New Exhibitions

the soothsayer: Benjamin Gardner, A Nice Place to Visit: Ana Villagomez and Miguel Martinez, Grand Canyon: Jonathan Leach & Sebastien Boncy, Sana/Sana:  Monica Foote.  

Jared Wesley Singer: Sediments of Igneous Art

In the Window Box, Jared Wesley Singer’s project Sediments of Igneous Artutilizes ceramic waste materials to communicate the urgency of environmental responsibility.

The Bridge Club: Inheritance

An accumulative exhibition and live performance featuring the simple, domestic act of washing dinnerware.

Disturbance of Distance 3

The third in a continuing series of juried exhibitions connecting Houston to the surrounding arts communities brings together artists from the Houston and San Antonio, […]