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BOX 13 ArtSpace

6700 Harrisburg Blvd.

Houston, TX 77001


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Andrew Scott Ross: At All Times

An exhibition by Andrew Scott Ross. The show features an encyclopedia museum, examining how history is interpreted, recorded, and visualized.

Framing Selves

A multimedia exhibition by Alex Emmons, Arthur Fields, Anne Leighton Massoni, Libby Rowe and Stafford Smith. The show examines how we “trace ourselves within the photographic frame.”

John Forse: Bury Us Upside Down

An exhibition by Houston-based artist John Forse. Bury Us Upside Down discusses subjects of gender and masculinity through military narrative paintings.

Emily Link: MOONMILK

An exhibition by Emily Link. The works in the show explore themes of storytelling and personal narratives through soft sculptural figures.

AnnieLaurie Erickson: Data Shadows

An exhibition of works by AnnieLaurie Erickson that comment on the prevalence of internet surveillance in contemporary society. The main piece in this show is an...

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Geri Forkner: Daily Weavings

An exhibition by Tennessee-based artist Geri Forkner. In her creation of daily weavings, Forkner comments on habits and rituals of daily life.

Aimée Beaubien: Hothouse

“Leaning, shooting, bedded, staked, staying. Drooping, reclining, pitched, and placed. Sloping, jutting, braced. Holding, heaped. Planted and spread.” These are just some ways to describe Beaubien’s...

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David Waddell: Terrestrial: Unknown

“In fourth grade, David Waddell wrote a short story for an assignment. He convinced his classmates that his brother was an extraterrestrial. Waddell can neither...

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Where About

An exhibition of work by Isabel Cuenca and Matt Manalo. This exhibition explores the duo’s “subjectivity, relationship with nature, religious practices, and ethnicity within a new...

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Ethan Rafal: Shock and Awe

“A twelve-year, autobiographical project examining the relationship between protracted war and homeland decay, Shock and Awe is a meticulously crafted image, text, and found object...

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Dennis Nance: Cast of Characters

An exhibition of costumes by Dennis Nance that celebrate the absurdity of the everyday. By taking common items and blowing them up to absurd proportions...

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Michael Stephen: Faded Lace

An exhibition of works by Austin-based artist Michael Stephen. Through incinerating VHS cassette tapes, the artist creates a raw material from which he casts artifacts.

Sarah Welch: Only Humid

An exhibition featuring a new comic produced by Sarah Welch. This project, made possible with support from The Idea Fund, continues Welch’s The Endless Monsoon series where she...

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Barchael: Sign Language: Texting

An exhibition by Barchael, a creative duo comprised of Michael Bernhardt and Barry Whittaker. This project came from the duo’s interest in language, miscommunication, and modern ways of...

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Joomi Chung: Swarm

An exhibition featuring artist Joomi Chung’s installations of woven and painted steel wire webs.

Jessica Battes: Nucleotide

A window exhibition of new work by Arlington-based artist Jessica Battes exploring concepts and phases in genetics and human cells.

Chris Sauter: God of the Gaps

A show of new work by San Antonio-based artist Chris Sauter tackling the dialectic between science and religion in response to recent conflicts affecting our...

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Emily Fleisher: Dove-otionals

A show of new works by artist Emily Fleisher based on a population of kamikaze mourning doves who are injured or killed daily diving into...

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Jade Yumang: Citations

A show of works by artist Jade Yumang that trace and abstract imagery of gay male archetypes in erotica–the prime source of the series being...

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Amanda Smith: Lives of Rocks

A show of works by painter Amanda Smith depicting hybrid spaces and visual puns, and exploring ideas of distance and exploration.

Edward Kelley: abutment

A show featuring artist Edward Kelley’s playful works concerning both personal histories and larger human history.

Janet Morrow: Snow Garden

Janet Morrow’s cast sugar window installation explores ideas of isolation, brokenness, silence and dependency.

The BOX Bizarre

Box 13 opens their galleries and artist studios for a holiday celebration, art sale, and closing reception for the exhibitions on view. Reasonably priced local...

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