BOX 13 ArtSpace

BOX 13 ArtSpace

6700 Harrisburg Blvd.

Houston, TX 77001


Robert Ziebell: Locations

BOX 13 ArtSpace

March 17 - April 21, 2018

"Robert Ziebell's Locations is an installation of three-dimensional photographic facades that serve as small monuments to the past and present."

Influencing Houston: Ralph Ellifrit and the Birth of Modern Houston

BOX 13 ArtSpace

March 17 - April 21, 2018

"Influencing Houston: Ralph Ellifrit and the Birth of Modern Houston is a multimedia installation by David McClain, Alexander Squier, and Margaret Wallace Brown organized around selections from approximately 400 archival images made in the 1930s by Ralph Ellifrit, a Houston city planner for 24 years."

Reducing Landscape

BOX 13 ArtSpace

March 17 - April 21, 2018

"Reducing Landscape features the work of Lance Brown, Kristy Peet, Caroline Roberts, and Krista Steinke, who use photography to alter and reduce the vast landscape into something else."

Kith and Kin

BOX 13 ArtSpace

March 17 - April 21, 2018

"Kith and Kin features the work of Flor Ameira, Steffani Frideres, and Venessa Monokian, each working with themes of women, family and their place in society."


Matthew Kelly Debbaudt: a hole

Matthew Kelly Debbaudt’s exhibition a hole is an “adventure journey exploration story expedition investigation excursion show featuring new animations” by the artist.

Susi Brister: Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go is a window installation by Susi Brister. The piece “explores the complex relationships we have with objects as a medium of personal representation.”


An exhibition featuring works by Kendall Bradley, Erin Miller, and Sarah Ott. The three artists “investigate ‘home’ though the rendering of individualized objects as well as...

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Shaped by Subtraction

Shaped by Subtraction is an exhibition curated by Kelly Montana and featuring works by Dylan Connor, Ronald L. Jones, Jessica Ninci, and Xochi Solis. The exhibition ”...

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BOX 13 Halloween

A halloween party at Box 13. The event will feature games, drinks, a costume contest, and more.

Melinda Laszczynski: Milk Money Honey

A window installation by Melinda Laszczynski. From Box 13: “Part window display and part peepshow, Milk Money Honey is an installation of found objects, assemblage,...

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Things We Used To Know

A show featuring works by Ariel Lavery, Christopher M. Lavery, Matthew Weedman, Jason Pearce Willome, and Ethan Worden. The exhibition aims to “reframes natural history and external...

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Praying to the Giant Orange Head

A show featuring works by members of the New Orleans-based TEN Gallery and Collective. Artists include Peter Barnitz, Dawn Black, Ida Floreak, Cheryl Hayes, David Rex...

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Rachel Fischer: Low Tide

A window installation by Denton-based artist Rachel Fischer. “Low Tide explores the compression of space and time into a seamless whole.”

Mirror, Mirror: Mockingly Minute

An exhibition exploring Plato’s argument on Mimesis, “that all art imitated life and therefore was not really real, because nothing on the physical plane can...

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Jill Bedgood: Soliloquy

A show of works by artist Jill Bedgood. The pieces in the show reflect on events from Bedgood’s personal life while also re-contextualizing and examining her artistic practice.

VAA Studio Visit and Tour of BOX 13

Join Visual Arts Alliance on a studio visit and tour of Houston’s BOX 13 ArtSpace, hosted by ceramic artist Jessica Kreutter.

I Love America and America Loves Me

An exhibition of works by members of The Front, an artist collective and non-profit gallery in New Orleans. Artists include: Alex Podesta, Brooke Pickett, Claire Rau, Cristina...

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A collaborative exhibition by David Langston, Ian Richardson, and Dakota Roberson. The show documents and highlights Eastwood, a historic neighborhood in the East End area of Houston.

Kevin Link: Delta

An exhibition by Kevin Link that transforms BOX 13’s window into a “brain entrainment device” that “attempts to bait the viewer to linger, gaze, and...

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Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola: Eastex

A live, mobile projection performance featuring text projected on the various landscapes of Houston’s East End. This roving projection is followed by an artist talk,...

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Bryan Keith Gardner: Bugs

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Bryan Keith Gardner. From Box 13: In 2016 it seems that we exist to share cat photos and...

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AM DeBrincat: Dreaming in Print

An exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist AM DeBrincat. The show is comprised of four prints that merge historical portrait photography with botanical images appropriated from Google image search...

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Incorporated Waste

An exhibition curated by Kristy Peet and featuring works by Shannon Duncan, Rachel Rushing & Marilyn Waligore. The artists in the show explore garbage, discarded objects, and...

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Best in Show 2016

An exhibition of works about dogs and cats! This is a one night only show and sale.

Ronald L. Jones: Screening

Artist Ronald L. Jones will be showcasing works from from his various projects including Stories Within City Limits, Ten:, and In the Streets.

Laura Latimer: Dispersal

An exhibition of works by Laura Latimer. In her work, the artist hopes to illustrate “our capacity as innovators and responsibility as caretakers by addressing the...

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Paradise Elsewhere

An exhibition featuring works by Daniel Bertalot, Andy Davis, and Diamond Gray. The artists use humorous installations and video works to address issues of physical bodies...

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Andrew Scott Ross: At All Times

An exhibition by Andrew Scott Ross. The show features an encyclopedia museum, examining how history is interpreted, recorded, and visualized.

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