833 Exposition Avenue

Dallas, Texas 75226


Dallas Zine Party


September 4, 2016 | 1–5 pm

A zine party! Featuring zines and more by:American Toyscapes Angelika Ejtel Bathroom Set Ups Blake Jones Brian K. Jones Broken Fingers Cemetery Sisters Contested Sites COWBOY HOUSE Cruel Summer Deep Red Design Future Dallas Drop Cloth Magazine Dr. Cat Paint Dying Photo Club Epoch 81 For the Common Good Gino Dal Cin Kai de la Cruz Kittenhumyn La Liga Zine Lisa Huffaker Maddness Meeting New People Isn't the Easiest Thing Meremaidblobs Mystic Multiples Noise City OK Cool Robin Turner Sagrada Saytown Printing SHAPE ZINES Sorry Ave. Suburban Relapse Tania Raharja The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research The Frie Art Cooperative The Gentle Fruit The Writer's Garrett UJIZZ/No Future Weaver Zines White Rock Zine Machine Young & Tragic Zine Fest Houston



August 27 - September 23, 2016

A group show organized by Jesse Morgan Barnett. Featuring works by:Pixy Liao Keer Tanchak Bucky Miller Valery Spiridonov Claire Sherman Carolee Schneemann Pierre Krause The Bake Sale Natasha Caruana Mick Pierce EJ Major Juliette Abitbol Andrew Birk Annabelle Arlie

Joseph Flynn: Display Method: Remixed Archaeologies


August 6 - 31, 2016

An exhibition of works by Melbourne-based artist Joseph Flynn. The show explores "the realm of archeology through research via the internet and plays with the ideas of conspiracy about the ancient world and our own; wether their technology was better than ours is currently, who were they and where did they go, suppose they never left?"


BeeFlix Vol. 2

A night of short films. Featuring works by: Cassie Phan (Dallas, TX) Carolyn Sortor (Dallas, TX) Emily Peacock (Houston, TX) Erica Lapadat-Janzen (Vancouver, BC) Erica...

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LTD: Recent works by Travis LaMothe

An exhibition of works by Travis LaMothe. The pieces in the show focus on “the gestures, abstract iconography, emblems, and written language that mark our societal push...

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Michele Mirisola: Of One's Own

An exhibition of paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Michele Mirisola. The artist on their work: “A woman must have a room to (and in which to) paint....

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Lips Like Sugar

A show featuring Robert Melton, M. Mendez and Emily Peacock. Curated by Margaret Meehan.

BeeFlix presents: Short Films

An exhibition of films by various artists: Armando Lozano (Chicago, IL) Carolyn Sortor (Dallas, TX) Christopher Sonny Martinez (New York, NY) Erica Lapadat-Jenzen (Vancouver, BC)...

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A group exhibition curated by Pierre Krause.


An exhibition of works by Joshua Westerman and William Sarradet. Both artists are interested in using new media and experimentation to create works that immerse the viewer.

Reinhold Engberding: One Month in Dallas

An exhibition of new work by German artist and Centraltrak resident Reinhold Engberding, whose materials were influenced by his bike and pedestrian explorations of Dallas.

Kate Jarboe: The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Project

A solo exhibition by Kate Jarboe questioning the idea of the patriot and reassembling U.S. government images to revealing and construct new narratives.

Whyte Window, Black Mirror and Black Burka

Three fictional artist-personas  claim everything:  experimental video, live performances, Google Translate, digital collage, poetry, Tumblr, language, volunteers, a massive amount of dating websites, numerous blogs,...

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Tessellated Fold

An immersive installation in which artists Lily Taylor and Sean Miller explore sound and video in collaboration with fiber artist Chesley Antoinette of Cantoinette Studios,...

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K. Yoland: Foreign Affair

British artist K. Yoland explores personal and public perception of migration, invasion, and refuge with new photography and video work.

Lifetime Personal Fantasties, LLC

A two-person exhibition featuring poems by Keith J. Varadi (Los Angeles) and paitngins by Michael Kennedy Costa (New York), curated by Sally Glass.  ‘Contract’, A...

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Lindsay Mapes: Show in a Box

The show will include some righteous new paintings, totally tubular artist-designed wallpaper, and radical artist-designed clothing, all of which crossed the Atlantic in one adorable...

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Everything is Better in Public

The SMU Department of Arts 2014 qualifying exhibition of works by second year MFA students Tim Best, William Binnie, Emily Lacour, Kiernan Lofland and Melissa...

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Site-specific works. Justin Hunter Allen, Artbeef, Tim Best, Francis Giampietro, Sally Glass, Pierre Krauss, Michael Mazurek, and Greg Metz have been asked to take into consideration...

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Francis Giampietro: Before and after

Giampietro’s work comes out of misgivings with things like: American football fandom, conceptions of work ethic, the cultural value of labor, saints, pigs, popes, the...

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Artbeef collaborators will work together to create installations relying only on social media to communicate. The work will be posted online for open critique several...

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Lou Mallozzi: Peers

On the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination,  Mallozzi will present a performance comprised of Lee Harvey Oswald’s statements made from the moment of...

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COPS: Nickle and Dimed

Art beef is calling this a “reverse auction.” Small works from Art Beef members are available for purchase for set values, ( $5, $10, $20,...

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Michael Mazurek: Art Is For Pussys

Mazurek creates site specific installations with mundane materials that attempt to blur the distinctions between the real and the surreal.

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