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Anton Ginzburg: Construction Proxy

Construction Proxy is an exhibition featuring works by Anton Ginzburg. The pieces in the show “investigate the act of viewing as an expanded experience” by exploring notions...

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Andrea Bianconi: Drawing

An exhibition featuring drawings, sculpture, and a large-scale site-specific installation of wall drawings. In the show, artist Andrea Bianconi “presents new works through the use of symbols,...

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Owen Drysdale & Rajab Ali Sayed: Swim

An exhibition featuring works by Syracuse-based artist Owen Drysdale and Houston-based artist Rajab Ali Sayed. Drysdale’s paintings use color and gesture to create constructed realities the artists imagines, and Sayed’s...

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Donna Moylan: Deep Play

A show of works by Houston artist Donna Moylan. Moylan’s paintings address the theme of landscape and gardens with characteristic humor and expertise.

In The Mix

A group exhibition featuring works by Andrea Bianconi, Owen Drysdale, Paul Fleming, Leigh Merrill, Gavin Perry, and Ruth Shouval.

Sara Bichão: Coastal

A show of works by Lisbon, Portugal-based artist Sara Bichão. The works in the show are inspired by the artist’s recent travels and memories of...

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Martin Durazo: The Adventurers

A show of works by Los Angeles-based artist Martin Durazo. The exhibition presents “new paintings that explore concepts of travel, searching and the eventual spirituality of...

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All of the Above

A show featuring new paintings by Michael Chow (Los Angeles) and Leslie Wilkes (Marfa), photography by Leigh Merrill (Dallas), sculpture by Nic Nicosia (Dallas) and Christy...

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Joe Mancuso: One Rainy Wish

A show of works by Houston artist Joe Mancuso. The paintings in the show provide a contemporary perspective on still-life painting.

Danny Rolph: Painted on the Sky

An exhibition of works by London-based artist Danny Rolph. The paintings in the show “use the sky as a backdrop on which the artist projects his...

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Owen Drysdale: Hot Summer Deadly Day

An exhibition of works by Syracuse-based artist Owen Drysdale. The paintings in the show are inspired by the artist’s memories of Texas in the summertime.

Gavin Perry: Toe to Toe

An exhibition by Miami-based artist Gavin Perry. In his work, the artist uses synthetic materials to create geometric abstractions.

Yizhak Elyashiv and Ruth Shouval: Drift

An exhibition featuring art by Yizhak Elyashiv and Ruth Shouval. A collection of abstract works, Drift focuses on the elusiveness of landscapes and the molding of a space through the balance...

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Miguel Soler-Roig: The Ruin of Memory

An exhibition by photographer Miguel Soler-Roig documenting his former home in Barcelona. The works are nostalgic, documenting long-gone memories of the artist’s childhood past.

Matthew Satz: Smoke, Tar, Feather

An exhibition of works created from tar, feathers, and smoke that are “free of prehistory to encourage new practices of painting.”

Andrea Bianconi: Fantastic Planet

An exhibition of new works by Italian artist Andrea Bianconi. Centered on the concept of travel, “Bianconi constructs imaginative landscapes composed of obsessive marks that symbolize...

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Greg Fadell: Agalma

An exhiibition of work by Detroit-based artist Greg Fadell. The artist’s primary medium for this work is cloth-like tape that draws on a “historical lineage with...

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Judy Ledgerwood: Refrain

An exhibition of paintings by Chicago-based artist Judy Ledgerwood. “The paintings presented in Refrain upend the stability of the aforementioned Modernist grid utilizing diagonal shapes that...

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Paul Fleming: Marmalade Punch

An exhibition of site-specific installations by Houston-based artist Paul Fleming. By manipulating forms of everyday objects through casting them in cement and resin, Fleming “creates immersive, rhythmic patterns”...

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Donald Lipski: Whiskey River

An exhibition featuring a series of new Scotch filled glass creations made over the last year by artist Donald Lipski with glass artisans at The...

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Mie Olise: Allusions on Place

An exhibition featuring new paintings by Danish artist Mie Olise imagining fictional histories of constructions and architectural spaces.

Martin Durazo: Axioms and Ecstasies

A solo-exhibition featuring new abstract paintings by Los Angeles artist Martin Durazo that explore correlations of aestheticized formalist principles and spirituality.

Andrea Bianconi: Time is Timing

Special, live performance by artist Andrea Bianconi, whose work was featured in Barabara Davis’ recent spotlight group show.

Joe Davidson: White Dust

A solo-exhibition featuring a new series of totemic, cast plaster stacks by Los Angeles-based artist Joe Davidson–informed in part by the Dada movement and Art...

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Danny Rolph: Paradiso

London-based artist Danny Rolph populates his work with Pop Art references and gestural marks located in sunsets inspired by the skies of West Texas and...

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Joe Mancuso: Because You're Mine

Houston artist Joe Mancuso presents new paintings, sculpture, and a monumental installation entitled Chandelier composed of steel, roses, and concrete.

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