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Michael Villarreal: OOMPH

Art Palace

September 5 - October 18, 2014

Tactile paintings blur one's ability to distinguish landscape from figure and movement from stillness. In a palette ranging from mouthwatering frosting to sallow drywall putty, his work polarizes the viewer between an accessible image and aloof painterly expression.  In the passages of Villarreal's work, lines become ravines, figures become mountains, at once delicate and hasty.

Fool's Gold: Katy Heinlein & Alika Herreshoff

Art Palace

September 5 - October 18, 2014

Two Houston artists share a common interest in simple forms with suggestive contours and keyed-up color, tempering the sublime with the slapstick comedy of spoonerisms, belches, and blank expressions.


Summer Salts

Summer group show with Justin Boyd, Elaine Bradford, Jeffrey Dell, Peat Duggins, Nathan Green, Tatiana Istomina, Bradley Kerl, Joe Joe Orangias, Linda Post, Raychael Stine, […]


All the pathos and beauty of Dutch floral still lifes, crummily reimagined for the 21st century, courtesy of the 99¢ store.

Wabi Sabi

A group exhibition about the beautifully irregular.    

Believe What You Want... : Tony Day

Day’s recent work is inspired by an interest in thinking about freedom. His portraits are of prominent American religious leaders.

Nathan Green: Building Pictures

In his fifth solo presentation with Art Palace, Green further explores the formal and structural qualities of abstract painting.

To Each Their Own

A nice group show of Art Palace regulars: Mike Beradino, Elaine Bradford, The Bridge Club, Jeffrey Dell, Nathan Green, Charlie Morris, Jim Nolan, Linda Post, Raychael Stine, Barry […]

Barry Stone: Look Near Into the Distance

Art Palace presents Look Near Into the Distance, a solo exhibition by Austin-based artist Barry Stone. Stone’s work bridges the intersection between truth and fiction, […]

Re View

Art Palace’s summer group show featuring gallery artists and friends.

Alissa Blumenthal: A small retrospective

Art Palace presents the first retrospective of Alissa Blumenthal (1899-1995), an American painter of the 20th-century, whose work has received increasing attention since its rediscovery […]

Nina Rizzo: Yard Dweller

Using her direct experience with a place, event or object as a catalyst, Rizzo abstracts, invents and explores new realities in painted space and form.

The Bridge Club: Still

Photographs connect the spaces, objects and roles occupied by The Bridge Club’s temporal performance works.

Peat Duggins: Wreaths

Duggins questions the way that nature is reduced to a fetish in his forth solo exhibition at Art Palace.

Matthew Weedman: Order No. 227

Weedman employs Stalin’s systematic order of progress as an example of the inherent dysfunction in affixing ideologies to notions of progress and success using snap-off […]

The Bridge Club: Medium

Performers will be seated on chairs suspended from the gallery walls and will respond to a combination of objects sound and projection to explore the […]

Hold This While I'm Away

A series of week long pop-up shows, guest curated projects and food events fills the summer gap at Art Palace. Schedule TBA.

Kyle Young: Push Play

Kyle Young’s return to the studio where he left off approximately eight years ago.  His early works of cellular forms have slowly evolved into the […]

Art Palace Art Market

Art Palace presents ART MARKET, a “holiday-art-boutique-gallery-festive-shopping experience that explores the different expressions of the word “market” in the world of art and commerce.” In […]

Barry Stone: Dark Side of the Rainbow

Barry Stone’s first solo show at Art Palace takes its title from the common practice of playing the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and […]

Nathan Green: Fill the Sky

Art Palace welcomes Nathan Green, one of  Austin’s most interesting artists and a principal of the Okay Mountain collective for a solo show. His new […]