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Marjorie Schwarz

Art Palace

May 29 - August 1, 2015

Dallas-based Schwarz presents her ruminations on otherwise forgettable domestic moments. Lyrical and accomplished, small-scale paintings.

Jeffrey Dell: Boundary Extension

Art Palace

May 29 - August 1, 2015

An exhibition of graphic screen prints by Jeffrey Dell, completed during a recent artist residency in Lubbock, TX.


Eric Zimmerman: Elegy for Left Hand Alone

An exhibition of art objects by Eric Zimmerman questioning the artifacts, evidence, and symbols we use to construct knowledge. The show’s title references a section […]

Susan Whyne: Entrances

A selection of small-scale works on paper made by artist Susan Whyne while she was living in the San Francisco Bay area (between 1969 and […]

Raychael Stine: Chuparrosa

A show of new paintings on canvas and paper by Albuquerque-based artist Raychael Stine, who layers abstract gesture and representation.

Bradley Kerl: Blind Arcade

Bradley Kerl’s newest paintings and collages playfully subvert the viewing process by framing imagery with arches.

Ebony Porter: The Quilt Show

Ebony Porter presents a selection of hand-quilted pieces inspired by a cross-section of the American landscape, cultural histories, folklore, and minimalism. As studies in patience […]

Deborah Roberts: One and Many

Deborah Roberts contradicts and exposes uncomfortable truths, taboos and myths about Black identity and idealized beauty, giving a contemporary voice to personal and political histories.

Michael Villarreal: OOMPH

Tactile paintings blur one’s ability to distinguish landscape from figure and movement from stillness. In a palette ranging from mouthwatering frosting to sallow drywall putty, […]

Fool's Gold: Katy Heinlein & Alika Herreshoff

Two Houston artists share a common interest in simple forms with suggestive contours and keyed-up color, tempering the sublime with the slapstick comedy of spoonerisms, […]

Summer Salts

Summer group show with Justin Boyd, Elaine Bradford, Jeffrey Dell, Peat Duggins, Nathan Green, Tatiana Istomina, Bradley Kerl, Joe Joe Orangias, Linda Post, Raychael Stine, […]


All the pathos and beauty of Dutch floral still lifes, crummily reimagined for the 21st century, courtesy of the 99¢ store.

Wabi Sabi

A group exhibition about the beautifully irregular.    

Believe What You Want... : Tony Day

Day’s recent work is inspired by an interest in thinking about freedom. His portraits are of prominent American religious leaders.

Nathan Green: Building Pictures

In his fifth solo presentation with Art Palace, Green further explores the formal and structural qualities of abstract painting.

To Each Their Own

A nice group show of Art Palace regulars: Mike Beradino, Elaine Bradford, The Bridge Club, Jeffrey Dell, Nathan Green, Charlie Morris, Jim Nolan, Linda Post, Raychael Stine, Barry […]

Barry Stone: Look Near Into the Distance

Art Palace presents Look Near Into the Distance, a solo exhibition by Austin-based artist Barry Stone. Stone’s work bridges the intersection between truth and fiction, […]

Re View

Art Palace’s summer group show featuring gallery artists and friends.

Alissa Blumenthal: A small retrospective

Art Palace presents the first retrospective of Alissa Blumenthal (1899-1995), an American painter of the 20th-century, whose work has received increasing attention since its rediscovery […]

Nina Rizzo: Yard Dweller

Using her direct experience with a place, event or object as a catalyst, Rizzo abstracts, invents and explores new realities in painted space and form.

The Bridge Club: Still

Photographs connect the spaces, objects and roles occupied by The Bridge Club’s temporal performance works.

Peat Duggins: Wreaths

Duggins questions the way that nature is reduced to a fetish in his forth solo exhibition at Art Palace.

Matthew Weedman: Order No. 227

Weedman employs Stalin’s systematic order of progress as an example of the inherent dysfunction in affixing ideologies to notions of progress and success using snap-off […]

The Bridge Club: Medium

Performers will be seated on chairs suspended from the gallery walls and will respond to a combination of objects sound and projection to explore the […]

Hold This While I'm Away

A series of week long pop-up shows, guest curated projects and food events fills the summer gap at Art Palace. Schedule TBA.

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