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Lone Star Global

A group exhibition featuring recent paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by artists from various ethnic backgrounds, from South Korea to El Salvador to Romania. […]

Juergen Strunck and Jon Vogt: Breaking Pattern

An exhibition featuring relief prints by established printmaker and University of Dallas professor Juergen Strunck, and relief print collages and woven works by UNT MFA […]

Pool Party

A group exhibition featuring photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing by regional and international depicting environments and objects associated with summertime. Featured artists include artists William […]

Marcelyn McNeil: Compact Fictions

An exhibition featuring Houston artist Marcelyn McNeil’s newest body work, including both large-scale abstract oil paintings and intimate, multilayered works on paper.

Orna Feinstein: Slice by Slice

A show of new work by Israel-born, Houston-based artist Orna Feinstein visualizing the geometric complexities of nature.

Adela Andea: On the Left Side of Mercury

Using a variety of lights, tubes, rods, coils, mirrors, and debris, Adela Andea’s new sculptures and installations blend science and fantasy to bring to life […]

Homage to Domestic Familiarity III

As the third installment of the Domestic Familiarity exhibitions, the common thread amongst these diversified artists is their emphasis on depicting the mundane. Artists: Jonathan […]

HJ Bott: Scribble Morphings

In his 67th year of exhibitions, Bott presents a collection of works expanding on what is known as the “24 Basic Scribbles,” the inherent, fundamental […]

Truth and Consequences

Anya Tish’s PrintHouston show features Samantha Parker Salazar, Daryl Vocat, and Raluca Iancu. Expect sophisticated and intricate cut paper assemblages from Salazar, and 3D constructed […]

Daniela Edburg: Killing Time

Edburg’s intricate photographs challenge the boundaries between the surreal and the commonplace. Elements of the bizarre in otherwise ordinary settings call attention to the self-destructive […]

Jang soon Im: War

Images of warriors and staged historical battles abound in soon Im’s inaugural solo exhibition which includes painting, sculpture, digital collage, and video.

No Time Like the Present

Work by gallery artists which embody a sense of lightness and unity through the use of material and form. The exhibition includes work in a […]

Katja Loher: Who Collects Clouds in the Sky?

New York-based, Swiss-born video artist Katja Loher returns to Anya Tish Gallery for her third solo exhibition: Who Collects Clouds in the Sky? Loher discards […]

Lillian Warren: Alone Together

Lillian Warren’s inaugural exhibition at Anya Tish Gallery, Alone Together, presents Warren’s newest series of “wait-scapes,” images of contemporary anomie. In this new series, Warren […]

Joan Hall and Paul Booker: Uncharted Waters

In conjunction with PrintHouston 2013, Anya Tish Gallery presents, a two-person exhibition featuring Joan Hall and Paul Booker. Exploring the area between printmaking and sculpture, […]

Dimensions Variable

Anya Tish asks: “Does size matter?” with works by Vincent Falsetta, Orna Feinstein, George Grochocki, Dmitri Koustov, Steve Murphy, Charlotte Smith each artist represented by […]

Adela Andea: Mandrágora: Liquescent Light

The Romania-born, Houston-based artist’s second solo exhibition is an installation of lights, LED fans, computer hardware and fiber optics that move, surge and flow across […]

Homage to Domestic Familiarity II

Danish painter Christoffer Munch Andersen, Russian photographer Vadim Gushchin, British mixed-media artist Paul Hazelton, Houston-based Jonathan Clark and Tommy Gregory explore the value of inconsequential […]

Neva Mikulicz: They All Wore Pearls

Houston artist Neva Mikulicz combines pencil on paper with projected/embedded videos: thirteen finely detailed drawings depict women in a variety of situations and roles, based […]

Katja Loher: Multiverse

New York-based, Swiss-born video artist Katja Loher creates spatial video objects by encasing video in hand-blown glass sculptures, and projecting video onto the surfaces of […]

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