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Anya Tish Gallery


4411 Montrose

Houston, TX 77006


Richard Tuschman: Hopper Meditations

Anya Tish Gallery

February 23 - March 31, 2018

An exhibition featuring photographs by artist Richard Tuschman. The works combine photography of artist-made models with digital imaging to create painterly photographs featuring open-ended narratives.


Árpád Forgó: Tales From the First Floor

An exhibition of works by Budapest-based artist Árpád Forgó. “Forgó utilizes shaped canvas to create visually alluring, subtle kinetic works while embracing the heritage of European...

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HJ Bott: Thick and Thin and Back Again

A show of works by Houston artist HJ Bott. The exhibition includes works from the artist’s Monochrome Series from the 1970s, along with recently created wire sculptures.

Orna Feinstein: Asherah

A show of new monoprints and a large-scale installation by Orna Feinstein.

Adela Andea: Glacial Parallax

An exhibition of new works and installations by Houston artist Adela Andea. The pieces in the show are inspired by Andea’s recent trip to Alaska where she...

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Eduardo Portillo: Planos Moldeados

A show of works by Houston artist Eduardo Portillo. The show includes Portillo’s shaped canvas that are inspired by the architecture Portillo sees around Houston.

Shayne Murphy: Fluorescent Gray

A show of paintings and works on paper by Houston artist Shayne Murphy. “Teetering between reality and reverie, Murphy’s work forces speculation of what we see, what...

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William Cannings: Luster Cluster

An exhibition of sculptures by Texas-based artist William Cannings. The works in the show are inflated metal sculptures coated in lustrous automotive paint that seem to undulate and...

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Puffy, Prickly, Poured

An exhibition of new new and recent paintings, sculpture, and installations by US-based artists Claire Ashley, Xuan Chen, and Dan Lam.

XX Part Two

Part two of an exhibition celebrating Anya Tish Gallery’s 20th anniversary. Artists in the show include Nadezda Prvulovic, Katja Loher, Neva Mikulicz, Arpad Forgo, JooYoung Choi, William...

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XX #1

A group exhibition celebrating the gallery’s 20th anniversary. Artists in the show include Adela Andea, HJ Bott, Katja Loher, Samariy Gurariy, William Cannings, George Grochocki, Marcelyn McNeil,...

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Natalia Wiernik: Dobrostan

An exhibition by Poland-based multimedia artist Natalia Wiernik. The works in the show capture portraits of unique modern “families” linked through eccentricities rather than genetics.

JooYoung Choi: Paracosmic Alchemy

An exhibition of works by Houston-based artist JooYoung Choi. The artist draws largely on her personal narrative of adoption and search for identity. Through this, the...

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Garland Fielder: The Map & the Territory

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Houston-based artist Garland Fielder. Rooted in mathematics and science, this is Fielder’s first body of new work since he graduated...

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Árpád Forgó: Looking Round a Different Corner

An exhibition of work by Budapest-based artist Árpád Forgó. “Forgó constructs subtly kinetic paintings and shaped canvases that embody the concepts of cardinality, unity, division and plasticity.”

Paweł Dutkiewicz: Daylight

An exhibition of works by Polish painter Paweł Dutkiewicz. In his most recent body of work, Dutkiewicz has been “creating expansive, meditative works exuding only light...

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Katja Loher: Where Does Time Begin?

An exhibition of video, videosculpture and installation works by New York-based artist Katja Loher. Through the combination of  natural forms and video screens, Loher entices the viewer to...

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Lone Star Global

A group exhibition featuring recent paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by artists from various ethnic backgrounds, from South Korea to El Salvador to Romania....

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Pool Party

A group exhibition featuring photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing by regional and international depicting environments and objects associated with summertime. Featured artists include artists William...

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Marcelyn McNeil: Compact Fictions

An exhibition featuring Houston artist Marcelyn McNeil’s newest body work, including both large-scale abstract oil paintings and intimate, multilayered works on paper.

Orna Feinstein: Slice by Slice

A show of new work by Israel-born, Houston-based artist Orna Feinstein visualizing the geometric complexities of nature.

Homage to Domestic Familiarity III

As the third installment of the Domestic Familiarity exhibitions, the common thread amongst these diversified artists is their emphasis on depicting the mundane. Artists: Jonathan...

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HJ Bott: Scribble Morphings

In his 67th year of exhibitions, Bott presents a collection of works expanding on what is known as the “24 Basic Scribbles,” the inherent, fundamental...

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Truth and Consequences

Anya Tish’s PrintHouston show features Samantha Parker Salazar, Daryl Vocat, and Raluca Iancu. Expect sophisticated and intricate cut paper assemblages from Salazar, and 3D constructed...

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Daniela Edburg: Killing Time

Edburg’s intricate photographs challenge the boundaries between the surreal and the commonplace. Elements of the bizarre in otherwise ordinary settings call attention to the self-destructive...

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