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Shellye Tow: Exposed

500X Gallery

February 24 - March 11, 2018

Shellye Tow's photographic series Exposed uses visual imagery to unveil the reality of mental illness in an effort to wrestle with the stigma faced in society by those who suffer from these disorders.

College Expo 2018

500X Gallery

February 24 - March 11, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Texas-based college students. This year's College Expo is juried by Katherine Brodbeck, Assistant Curator for Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum Of Art.Artists include: Francisco Alvarado, Mike Lopez, Betsey Gravatt, Stephanie Gerhart, Angie Reisch, Gretchen Vickers, Maria Barrientos, Hannah Aaron, Michelle Hinojosa, Allison Baldwin, Jennifer Thompson, Kiran Sattar, Taylor Barnes, Julia Teel, Blake Weld, Kylie Hull, Christopher Evans, Emily Sides, and Jennifer Bieniek.


Steven Foutch: Hemming and Hexing

“Steven Foutch’s solo exhibition, Hemming and Hexing, explores a vague psychological space through narrative suggestion and the technical language of printmaking.”

Clint Bargers: New Works 2017

An exhibition featuring new sculptures by Clint Bargers. The pieces address themes of “mythology, materiality and symbolism as they relate to collective unconsciousness and the western...

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Chris Ireland: Ordinary Time

“Chris Ireland’s solo exhibition Ordinary Time explores the psychology of ritual in the artist’s family though photographic studies spanning the last 10 years. Through loss and change,...

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Box 13 - Houston Art Collective

An exhibition featuring works by artists from Houston’s Box 13 Artspace. Artists include Kristy Peet, Daniela Koontz, Emily Link, Caroline Roberts, Melinda Laszczynski, John Forse, Claire...

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A Thing Added

An exhibition featuring works by DFW-area adjunct professors. Artists include Scott Bell, Kathleen Janvier, Adam Knoche, Kathy Lovas, Abby Sherrill, and Kristina Smith.

Tabatha Trolli: Pass Trough Me

“Tabatha Trolli’s solo exhibition, Pass Through Me, invites the viewer to inhabit a tunnel-like space as one might if shrunken and placed inside of a...

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Scotty Hensler: Plausible Structures?

A show of new works by artist Scotty Hensler. The pieces explore the artist’s relationships with art, art history, people, and structures.

Valerie Powell: On Water

Valerie Powell’s solo exhibition On Water features new drawings, sculptures, and a site specific wall installation that are informed by the rising water of hurricane Harvey...

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Nat Olmo: seawiid

seawiid is “an installation by Nat Olmo using remnants of sludgy trash water environments to explore accumulation as adornment and attempt to discover connections between...

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2017 Member's Exhibition

A show featuring works by 500x’s member artists. Including: Kalee Appleton, Clint Bargers, Lynne Bowman-Cravens, Molly Dierks, Ross Faircloth, Chris Ireland, Steven Foutch, Julie Libersat, Seth...

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Ari Brielle: We Made Cool

“We Made Cool is a body of work by Ari Brielle that examines notions of black femininity, strength and softness. Candy painted colors and natural...

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Expo 2017

An exhibition juried by TCU art gallery director Sara-Jayne Parsons. Selected artists include Dannie Liebgot, Kristina Smith, Teresa Larrabee, Jonas Criscoe, Adrianna Touch, Dario Bucheli, Amy Dierdorf,...

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500X Member's Exhibition

A show featuring works by 500X artist members, including: Kalee Appleton, Clint Bargers, Lynne Bowman-Cravens, Molly Dierks, Ross Faircloth, Chris Ireland, Steven Foutch, Julie Libersat, Seth...

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a hard place

a hard place is an exhibition of international artists addressing and responding to Brutalist Architecture; a dominant post war architectural movement embodying concepts of utilitarianism...

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Hot and Sweaty: The Open Show

500x’s annual unjuried open show! Come and see works by anyone and everyone who dropped off art during the gallery’s open call.

Stranger Lands

“Stranger Lands is an exhibition of single-channel video works created by fourteen local and international artists whose work relates to place and orientations of belonging,...

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Ashley Whitt: Abyss

A show of photographic collages and sculptural artist books by Ashley Whitt. The exhibition explores the “correlation between the inner self and outer space as well...

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Steven Foutch: Shipshape and Fleeting

A show of works by University of Dallas Assistant Professor of Printmaking, Steven Foutch. The show will feature print media, works on paper, and installations exploring...

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Clint Bargers: B E F O R E

A show of new paintings by Clint Bargers. The works are made with construction materials and sand in an attempt to reimagine landscape and it’s affect on memory...

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Scratching the Surface

An exhibition featuring works by graduating UNT MFA students. Artists include: Jessie Barnes Horacio Casillas Joanne Cervantes Jeremy Chavez Keela Dooley Mary Jarvis Michelle Salazar...

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Mind the Gap

“Mind the Gap explores the ways in which artists can navigate the pitfalls of the current socio-political climate, particularly through their roles as cultural brokers, provocateurs,...

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2017 College Expo

It’s that time again—500X’s annual juried college student show! This year’s juror is Danielle Avram, gallery coordinator at Texas Woman’s University. Featured artists include: Horacio Casillas John...

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Joanne Cervantes: The Pits

A show of drawings, video, and sound works by Joanne Cervantes. “Drawn from the intersections of personal history, narrative literature, music and cinema, The Pits seeks to create...

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Rachel Livedalen: To Lisa, With Love

A solo exhibition by Rachel Livedalen featuring “new drawings that combine images of idealized femininity through canonical works of western art history with her love of...

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Lynné Bowman Cravens: House

In this exhibition, Lynné Bowman Cravens is exploring the idea of memory and nostalgia through photographs of her childhood home.

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  1. Through this body of work, Lynne’ invites us to think about how we remember imagery from the past, and how we integrate it with more current visual images. In these photographs she exposes the effects of time on the same spaces through her meshing of past and present. Her “Then and Now” images exist within the same visual space – allowing us to experience them simultaneously, even though the photographs were taken decades apart.

    Her work is becoming more and more reflective and nuanced as she continues to bravely explore images and memories from her childhood.

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