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Stranger Lands

500X Gallery

May 6 - 28, 2017

"Stranger Lands is an exhibition of single-channel video works created by fourteen local and international artists whose work relates to place and orientations of belonging, both political and personal." Artists include: Krista Caballero, Máximo González, Sean Miller, Lexie Mountain, Patrick O’Neil, Trudi Lynn Smith and Kate Hennessy, William Sarradet, Carolyn Sortor, Karina Skvirsky, Jenny Vogel, Gloria Jean Wyatt, K. Yoland, and Longui Zhang.

Ashley Whitt: Abyss

500X Gallery

May 6 - 28, 2017

A show of photographic collages and sculptural artist books by Ashley Whitt. The exhibition explores the "correlation between the inner self and outer space as well as our desires to control and make sense of life and death."

Steven Foutch: Shipshape and Fleeting

500X Gallery

May 6 - 28, 2017

A show of works by University of Dallas Assistant Professor of Printmaking, Steven Foutch. The show will feature print media, works on paper, and installations exploring the space between gloom and joy.


Clint Bargers: B E F O R E

A show of new paintings by Clint Bargers. The works are made with construction materials and sand in an attempt to reimagine landscape and it’s affect on memory...

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Scratching the Surface

An exhibition featuring works by graduating UNT MFA students. Artists include: Jessie Barnes Horacio Casillas Joanne Cervantes Jeremy Chavez Keela Dooley Mary Jarvis Michelle Salazar...

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Mind the Gap

“Mind the Gap explores the ways in which artists can navigate the pitfalls of the current socio-political climate, particularly through their roles as cultural brokers, provocateurs,...

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2017 College Expo

It’s that time again—500X’s annual juried college student show! This year’s juror is Danielle Avram, gallery coordinator at Texas Woman’s University. Featured artists include: Horacio Casillas John...

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Joanne Cervantes: The Pits

A show of drawings, video, and sound works by Joanne Cervantes. “Drawn from the intersections of personal history, narrative literature, music and cinema, The Pits seeks to create...

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Julie Libersat: Escapes

In Escapes, Julie Libersat uses 3D prints and images from the video game SIMS to explore how we impart meaning onto certain environments and objects.

Rachel Livedalen: To Lisa, With Love

A solo exhibition by Rachel Livedalen featuring “new drawings that combine images of idealized femininity through canonical works of western art history with her love of...

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Lynné Bowman Cravens: House

In this exhibition, Lynné Bowman Cravens is exploring the idea of memory and nostalgia through photographs of her childhood home.

co | action

An exhibition where selected artists choose a student or mentee to exhibit with. The duo then either collaborates on a new piece or show their...

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Bury Them Breathing

An exhibition of works by Michael Farmer. The show, which is curated by Steven Foutch, addresses issues of  race, war, immigration, and politics.

Arbitrary Ambition

“Arbitrary Ambition uses traditional craft techniques in order to subvert stereotypical ideas of gender. Embroidery, crochet, and domestic objects are used as a means to...

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Kalee Appleton: Platinum Package

An exhibition of new photographic works by Kalee Appleton. “In a continued effort to reexamine the objecthood of photographic backdrops used in mainstream portrait studios, Appleton...

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500X Expo 2016

It’s here: the 500X juried Expo! This year’s juror is Rachel Rogerson, the Executive Director of The MAC in Dallas, Texas.

2016 Member's Show

An exhibition of works by 500X members. Featuring art by: Sheryl Anaya Kalee Appleton Clint Bargers Bernardo Cantu Lynne Bowman Cravens Steven Foutch Julie Libersat...

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Substance and Substrate

Works by Hayley Fowler, Iva Kinnaird, and Sharon Turner. Curated by H Schenck

Lindsey M. Brown Two-finger Salute

A multi-media installation that questions the validity of ‘power gestures’ by irreverent documentation of the Google Image search results for “steeple hands.”

Kalee Appleton: Surrounds

An exhibition by Kalee Appleton examining the history of the photographic backdrop, and transforming it into a photographic subject.

Kate Colin: Spontaneous Symmetry

An exhibition of paintings by by Kate Colin. Her work suggests a “twisted theory of everything, where a fragmented space exists in various states of activity.”

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