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Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe: Posse Comitatus


November 21 - January 10, 2015

An ongoing collaborative project by New York-based artists Knight and Tribe, Posse Comitatus examines the socio-cultural dynamics of paramilitary groups and the representation of their political ideologies through performative gestures and movement. They will present the final iteration of this three-year project, which includes a video installation, photographs, and a reading series—together speaking to issues of protection and preparedness, concepts that have particular resonance in Texas and to American society at large.


Kelly Fearing: Lucid Dreams

Grace Museum

November 7 - January 10, 2015

A selection of artwork curated from private and public collections by Texas artist Kelly Fearing (1918-2011) to demonstrate his lifelong fascination with surreal, mythic and metaphysical themes.


Michael Mogavero: Intuitive Persuasions

N Space

November 21 - January 7, 2015

Culled from hundreds of small ink drawings created during countless meetings attended over many years, Mogavero scaled them up into large canvases and found them surprisingly operatic and heroic.

San Antonio

Antonio Serna: Some Kind of Primitive

Bihl Haus Arts

October 24 - December 13, 2014

Large paintings that oscillate between traditionally rendered figures and stenciled monolithic forms; antiquated dinosaur illustrations are overlaid with silhouettes of pixelated buildings that reference early videogame graphics.

West Texas

Skull Show

Wrong Marfa

October 10 - January 10, 2015

A group show featuring work about SKULLS! Featuring the Amazing Hancock Brothers, Butch Anthony, Camp Bosworth, Beau Buck, Kris Chau, Chuck and George, Andy Don Emmons, Fancy Pony Land, Patrick Kelly, Innis Lawrence, Kim Cadmus Owens, Tom Sale, Margaret Sullivan, and Bruce Lee Webb.

The Panhandle

Chicanitas: from the Cheech Marin Collection

Texas Tech University Landmark Arts Gallery

October 3 - December 13, 2014

The Chicanitas exhibition features 65 small-scale paintings by 26 established and emerging artists from Cheech Marin’s renowned private collection of Chicano art.  

East Texas

The Valley