Longitude/Latitude: Part I

Longitude/Latitude: Part I

June 28 - July 26, 2014

Conduit Gallery

1626 C Hi Line, Dallas, TX 75207 Get directions

(214) 939-0064

Congratulations to Conduit Gallery for reaching their 30 year milestone! Their anniversary shows will pair older works with new ones by gallery artists.

Part 1 includes the following: Susan Barnett, Jeff Baker, Ellen Berman, Matt Clark, Annabel Daou, Vincent Falsetta, Heyd Fontenot, Susan kae Grant, Billy Hassell, Ted Larsen, Lance Letscher, Steven Miller, Roberto Munguia, Fahamu Pecou, Susie Phillips, Johnny Robertson, Ludwig Schwarz, Michael Tole, and Joan Winter.

Pictured is a still from Heyd Fontenot’s, 1990 video I’m Not Your Donut.

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