Believe What You Want… : Tony Day

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Believe What You Want... : Tony Day

February 21 - April 5, 2014

Art Palace

3913 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 Get directions

(512) 496-0687

Day’s recent work is inspired by an interest in thinking about freedom. His portraits are of prominent American religious leaders.

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  1. It is evident that many conscience decisions were made, on various fronts, for Mr. Anthony Day to create the “Believe What You Want” exhibit.
    Decisions were made about personal and public philosophy, aesthetics, media, size, frames, lighting and viewing distance. Present is a high level of discipline that is lacking in many of today’s artists or artist posers. I can only imagine the readings and discussions that had to of taken place in order for these paintings to have achieve the level of depth. The art-romantic in me even envisions a good fistfight to help decide a point.
    I would have never thought of using airbrush like Tony. Growing up, which I just finished doing, and yes it took almost six decades; airbrush was something I would use to give images a glossy commercial polished look, like the models in a men’s magazine. Yes my chauvinism is showing, but I must tell you that, that was the period when I first started growing up so deal with it. My brother-in-law, Julio, an automobile artist painter, also used airbrush when he wanted to give cars a nice crisp edge.
    Thank you Tony for an engaging cohesive group of work. Often after viewing an art exhibit, I’m left with the feeling that many an artist produce, one piece that doesn’t, “say it all.” Why the image doesn’t even worth 1,000 words. There work is more like a sentence in a book, which is sometimes titled “Untitled.” At that point, I am then reminded of the possibility that if you give an indefinite number of monkeys a paint brush and paint or a camera, you will get something you can display. . .”Untitled” for sure.
    Thank you Mr. Day and thank you Art Palace.

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