Texas Biennial Invitational

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Texas Biennial Invitational

August 23 - September 28, 2013

Lawndale Art Center

4912 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 Get directions

(713) 528-5858

The Texas Biennial presents a special exhibition, co-curated by Michael Duncan and Virginia Rutledge, showcasing current work from Christie Blizard, Marcelyn McNeil, Tom Orr and Brad Tucker, four previous Biennial artists.

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5 Responses

  1. This rambling remark is off the mark of bringing in all the inchoate venues and cheesy art favorites Biennial as Glasstire is off the mark in being so crass as to avoid posting the Houston Fine Art Fair simply because GT is a “sponsor” of the Contemporary Fair and or booth recipient. So much in-house subjectivity! This building bias stinks! Smells as bad as the art scene$ in NYC.
    Why not post the Berlin Art Week that runs the same days as the Houston Art Fair.

  2. Bill, when I posted, there WAS NOTHING when hitting Houston for what was up.

    Sorry to have bitched about the “perceived” bias. Just being a crotchety old duffer. Too wrapped up in Congre$$ional comics to be balanced.

    Also the Chicago Art Expo has Sicardi Gallery participating this week-end. Sicardi didn’t seem to have enough personnel to also go to Berlin and the Houston Fine Art Fair.

  3. Joe Spurlock, what is not a jock for you? I know there are many serious artists represented in your two “jokes”. The Biennial may have many negatives with its ultra-democratic inclusion proposition; but, individually, the respective exhibitions are surely not jokes. The gallery outlays for participation in the art fairs to provide a broader audience for their artists is no joke. The galleries would not repeat if it were a joke. A couple of the galleries are in both art fairs as repeaters. Subjectivity reigns!

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