Made in Oak Cliff

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Made in Oak Cliff

June 1 - July 1, 2013

Gray Matters Gallery

113 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX, 75226 Get directions

(214) 824-7108

Gray Matters Gallery presents Made in Oak Cliff, an exhibition featuring members of the Oak Cliff 5 who were instrumental in bringing national arts attention to Dallas in the 1970’s, and were influential in the development of many institutions that still exist today. The group of artists, George Green, Jack Mims, Jim Roche, Bob Wade and Mac Whitney worked in a loose community based in Oak Cliff, where cheap, spacious studios and living spaces could be found. Their work reflects the humor and free-wheeling spirit of the time.

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5 Responses

    1. Rainey Knudson

      Well there’s the whole Stuart Sutcliffe aspect to this, right? It’s not clear whether one has to (or should) include all five. Is this the pernicious Texas Niceness and Inclusivity at work? I ask our North TX readers…

    2. Vance Wingate

      Dee is correct, that this statement should have referenced the Oak Cliff Four instead of Five. I made the mistake in naming, since corrected by Mr. Wade, of calling them the Oak Cliff 5 when doing my PR. It was more about not realizing the whole story when I sent this out, than trying to be ‘nice’ and ‘inclusive’. The show’s inclusion of the five artists is due to Bob Wade wanting all 5 in the show, which he felt was appropriate to the timeframe being represented and the art being made. Sorry for the confusion.

      1. Rainey Knudson

        Ah! Thanks for the clarification. (I was just giving you guys a hard time — and I’m relieved nobody was trying to be nice, God forbid.)

  1. Albert Omaha

    Well, I’m sure there are others…Strunck for one…too bad women weren’t making art back then…

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