All Dread Set

All Dread Set

January 14, 2012 | 8–11 pm

Cardoza Fine Art

1320 Nance Street, Houston, TX 77002 Get directions


Sound and video by Coxcombs, installations by Tina Forbis and Ken Wiatrek, paintings by Jon Read, and music by Lucas Gorham. Here’s the press release (condensed): “Behind the end of the Mayan Great Calendar you’ll find many people looking for answers. Some link metaphysical forces to stress, heart disease and cancer rates. Some point their fingers at vast conspiracies. . .much of HipHop culture (including the name HipHop with the twin HH symbolism) comes from Masonry . . . the so-called gang signs are Masonic mudras . . .the yellow leaves begin to fade” etc. Go see it, then maybe you’ll understand it.

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