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June 15 - August 14, 2010

Texas Gallery

2012 Peden Street, Houston, TX 77019 Get directions

(713) 524-1593

Lordy, lordy look who’s forty! Houston institution Texas Gallery is marking its fortieth anniversary this year. In a time when galleries come and go with the seasons it’s hard to imagine the hard work and perseverance it takes to survive forty years in the notoriously unpredictable atmosphere of the artworld. To celebrate their birthday, Texas Gallery is putting on a star-studded group show of 40 artists with work made mostly in the past ten years. The artists range from heavy-hitters like Lynda Benglis, Nancy Graves, Kiki Smith and Jessica Stockholder to our own local fixtures like Francesca Fuchs and Rachel Hecker. The press release doesn’t mention this, but we noticed that all 40 artists are female. Not a single wiener in the bunch. Hmmm.

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