The Big Show

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The Big Show

July 9 - August 7, 2010

Lawndale Art Center

4912 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 Get directions

(713) 528-5858

(cue carnival music)
Step right up, step right up, another edition of Lawndale Art Center’s annual open-call, juried art exhibition The Big Show is set to open on Friday, July 9. Famous for the fact that you have to physically lug your assemblage, 12-foot painting or DVD to Lawndale in person, The Big Show is a populist extravaganza in which the sheer number of actual pieces of art probably overwhelms each new guest curator allowing for some hilarious and interesting lapses in judgement. We have noticed that in recent years, the curation seems to be getting a little more hoity-toity and it’s becoming less likely that you encounter a chicken-wire sculpture on a pedestal next to a video projection of a relational aesthetics performance. Too bad. We kind of miss the old big show with its carnival atmosphere and "screw you, we’re in Texas" attitude. Perhaps this year’s guest curator Paul Middendorf will bring back some of the crazy.

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