Non-Profit Margin

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Non-Profit Margin

July 24 - 24, 2010


800 Exposition Ave., Dallas, TX 75226 Get directions

The Non-Profit Margin exhibition at CentralTrak, the University of Texas at Dallas’ Artists Residency, addresses the current economic crisis through the works displayed in the exhibition. In an effort to challenge the traditional avenues of the exhibition and consumption of art, The Non-Profit Margin seeks to create a platform for dialogue between artists, institutions, and collectors. The show includes current residents at CentralTrak and other local artists with work by Richie Budd, Shelby Cunningham, Gary Farrelly, Thomas Riccio, Frank Dufour, Marjorie Schwarz and Ludwig Schwarz! The series stems from the newspaper issue/project, ART WORK, by the Chicago art collective, Temporary Services and produced through a collaboration among S.M.U.’s Michael Corris and Noah Simblist, U.T.D./CentralTrak’s Kate Sheerin, and Carolyn Sortor.

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