Marina Zurkow: Slurb

Marina Zurkow: Slurb

May 15 - 27, 2010

Women & Their Work

1710 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701 Get directions

(512) 477-1064

Marina Zurkow‘s colorful cast of characters inhabit a drowned world in her new exhibition at Women & Their Work. In Slurb, a single channel video, Zurkow uses vivid animation to design an ode to "a watery future in which jellyfish have dominion". The work in this show "refers not only to a future apocalypse but to the present world where extreme weather events occur regularly…" Don’t miss the panel discussion with Marina Zurkow, Juli Berwald, Peter Hall, Andrea Mellard, Bogdan Perzynski, Erica Shamaly, Todd Simmons, Kate Watson and Christi Zangrilli on Wednesday, May 12!

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