Body in Fragements

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Body in Fragements

August 21 - February 28, 2010

Menil Collection

1515 Sul Ross, Houston, TX 77006 Get directions

(713) 525-9400

"Drawn from the Menil’s diverse collection of over 16,000 objects, Body in Fragments explores the manner in which the human form is dissected and reconfigured in the art of various times and places, conveying spiritual, physical, and intellectual notions of personhood. Curated by Kristina Van Dyke, associate curator for collections and research, Body in Fragments
brings together painting and sculpture that reflect the de Menils’ interest in the fragmentary form, such as a disembodied arm of an Egyptian statue, and objects that exaggerate or appropriate aspects of the human anatomy, like a 15th-century European reliquary in the form of a finger."

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