Lonely Are the Brave

Lonely Are the Brave

July 2 - August 15, 2009

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

116 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204 Get directions

(210) 227-6960

"Lonely Are the Brave takes its title from the 1962 movie, which was based on Edward Abbey’s novel The Brave Cowboy. The exhibition features four San Antonio artists: Jesse Amado, Justin Boyd, Kelly O’Connor and Chris Sauter (shown). Curator Hills Snyder (Director of San Antonio’s Sala Diaz) claims that these artists somehow combine to create a picture of America, an idea that cannot be contained by the implied borders of ‘USA’. The film will be shown in a 5 X 7 ft. screening room throughout the show. The curator promises you’ll be able to get a good seat." There will also be a special performance and CD release by Ken Little and Rodeo HoHo on Thursday, July 2 & Friday, July 3, from 6-9 pm. Don’t miss it!

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