Mark Hensel: Cryptostructures of the Urscape

Mark Hensel: Cryptostructures of the Urscape

December 5 - 20, 2008

Mass Gallery

507 Calles Street, Suite 108, Austin, TX 78202 Get directions

(512) 470-9453

"For the past two years, Mark P. Hensel has used his blog, comics, photographs, videos, and performances to construct the mythology of the Miizzzard, a strange being constantly in flux, a performance-art project in becoming-other, and the lord of the Transdimensional Hypercastle. Recently, however, Hensel has expanded outward from the Miizzzard, mapping a more chthonic realm than the celestial Hyperverse: the Urscape, a vast yawning gulf filled with Cryptostructures. The show will be documentation and representations of the forms found in this mystic zone."

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