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DEADLINE: Friday, August 3, 2018 (11:59 pm CST)

FotoFest is seeking photography submissions from the public, photojournalists, artists and others living in the Greater Houston area and along the Gulf Coast for the upcoming exhibition Seeing Harvey: Personal Stories, Public Responses. Opening just after the storm’s one-year anniversary, Seeing Harvey will focus on the widespread and sustained influence the monumental event had on our landscapes, infrastructure, and communities.

This open submission call is an opportunity to participate in a large-scale, public endeavor that will highlight the stories of resilience, generosity, heartache, compassion, and tenacity of the affected individuals, first responders, neighborhoods, and businesses—YOUR stories.

Submitting via INSTAGRAM:
Please submit up to five (5) images, either as multiple images in one post, or as separate posts
Tag images with #SeeingHarvey
-If making separate posts, please be sure to tag each post with #SeeingHarvey, and list your name and location
with each image
-Include your name and area of town within the comment section
-If you would like to share a written narrative, you may either use the comment section within Instagram, or
email the narrative to, and include your Instagram handle
-Please be aware that FotoFest will not be able to access your images if your Instagram profile is set to "private".

To Submit online see link:
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