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Protest Magazine is a submission-based, quarterly publication created to explore the perspectives of women of color through creative work. Protest's seasonal anthology and portfolio is a space saved for femme people of color who reject harmful stereotypes and social norms. Our goal is to establish Protest Magazine as a hub that preserves the cultural identity and aids the artistic advancement of marginalized women. To nurture this initiative, we encourage women to use Protest Magazine as another avenue to showcase their work. To write and illustrate their stories honestly and with feeling. To rally behind one another. Talented women of color often turn away from pursuing creative careers due to feeling unwelcome and misunderstood within academic and artistic spaces. Many of us find that established institutions, clubs and collectives exclude the non-white, femme-identifying experience. As a woman run organization, we dedicate Protest Magazine's platform to embracing various cultures, heritages, and lifestyles of women.

We are looking for women of color who write for Protest Magazine's premiere issue! Issue one is the Mercy Issue, which focuses on healing, regeneration, and forgiveness. With this in mind, we encourage women to take a look at the writing prompt below and send us your response for the Mercy issue:

Imagine you have the opportunity to meet yourself in the future, 15 years from now to be exact. The future version of yourself has accomplished everything you’re currently dreaming of and has everything you desire.

-Tell your future Self something you’ve been dying to get off your chest. What are some concerns regarding your transition from who you are now to you in the future?

-Talk to your future Self about the things you've chosen to let go of, why and how will letting go benefit you in the future?

-Talk about something special about you/your life that you hope your future self never gives up- why is it important to hold on to that?

Send all submissions to Please include the word 'Protest,' type of work and your name in the subject line. Requested word count is 700-900.


Protest is a company started by women for women and as art is labor, all writers we work with will be compensated for their work.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Simone & Protest Mag Team
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