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This Request For Designs seeks visions for the border between Mexico and the United States as a site of connection, creativity, and humanitarian support. Submit your original designs that consider how to build a non-wall, signaling possibilities for what the future of walls, and borders, can become. With this RFD, we hope to activate the public imagination and receive an abundance of submissions that work together to dismantle the view of the border as a fortified, insurmountable, and destructive barrier. All entries will become part of an online archive, and certain entries will be exhibited or published as detailed below.

Who We Are
JM Design Studio is an all-women team of artists and designers based in Pittsburgh who are countering each phase of Trump’s Wall and related forms of xenophobia with creative and human-centered proposals.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements
• People of all ages, backgrounds, skill levels, and nationalities are invited to participate.
• Designs can range from the simplest doodle to an elaborate digital rendering.
• By submitting, you agree to include your design as part of the Other Border Wall archive.
• We reserve the right to reject any submissions deemed unjust or malicious.
• Include your name or how you want to be credited and a title for your work.
• Each submission should be emailed as JPEG, TIFF, or PDF no larger than 10MB.
• Email all submissions and questions to:
• Submit your designs through May 31, 2018.**

About the Project
In April 2017, JM Design Studio submitted anti-wall designs to bid on The Other Border Wall Prototypes, a Request for Qualifications issued by United States Customs and Border Protection. Their ideas went viral and became part of the national conversation. This was Phase One of the team’s commitment to resist the Trump administration’s plans to build the wall. In January 2018, we announced Phase Two as a form of public engagement and continued resistance in partnership with Flatland Gallery. Phase Two includes these elements:
1) The Other Border Wall Prototypes Exhibition at Flatland Gallery, Houston TX,
February 17 - March 30, 2018.
**To have your submission shown in this exhibition, please email it before Feb. 10, 2018. Additionally, if you are in the Houston area and would like to submit physical work, contact us. We are open to possibilities and encourage your ideas.
2) Archive, publication, and continuation. Online archive of submitted designs and a list of resources on our website; a published book of most engaging designs at end of open call; and continued organizing, planning, and strategizing for the next phase of our mission.

Insta: @otherborderwall
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