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Title: Eco-Art Educator – Visual Arts or Science Specialists
FLSA Status: Full time, Salaried Exempt
Reports to: Program Manager, Galveston, Texas
Salary: Commensurate with qualifications
Growth Potential: Coordinator in 2 years

Essential Function:
Primary duty is to interpret habitats, ecosystems, science, and the environment through the disciplines of science and art for people of all ages engaging in Eco-Art experiences with Artist Boat; and to assist with the development and delivery of summer camps, afterschool, and residency programs. The educator must be able to clearly and enthusiastically use the arts and science as the primary discipline to convey knowledge and engage participants in project based learning.

Summary Duties:
• Be able to work with a team member who is a specialist in the visual arts integrating content in marine biology and ocean sciences to produce summer camps, after school programs, and residencies.
• Present art and/or science skills and knowledge to students and adults in order to facilitate the creation of works of art interpreting the coastal margins and marine ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico in classrooms via kayak and vessel, on walking tours, on campus habitats, in the classroom, and during habitat stewardship events;
• Master the content of the natural history of the region, species identification, and master artistic media of watercoloring;
• Maintain 1st aid and CPR certification and American Canoe Association Kayak Instructor Certification;
• Interact with persons of all ages in a positive, professional, encouraging, and informative manner;
• Lift 60 pounds, load and unload a kayak trailer, drive a standard transmission, trailer vehicles, spend 8 hours outside on a regular basis;
• Clean and maintain all equipment used for programs;
• Be able to design, implement, teach, and deliver hands-on arts activities for Eco-Art Workshops, Adventures, Residencies, and other signature programs or grants;
• Be able to assist in installation of large scale public works and restored habitats or nativescaping;
• Enthusiastically learn, acquire, and research knowledge about native flora, fauna, and ecosystems in order to properly identify species and assist in interpretation of habitats;
• Represent Artist Boat and the mission of Artist Boat during events and in the community;
• Be willing and able to drive to destinations throughout the Galveston Bay region to deliver programming, be willing to work weekends, and be willing to fully commit to the mission of Artist Boat;
• Fully understand the different challenges, constraints, and hard work associated with non-profit work;
• Must pass background check and be fingerprinted to work (Artist Boat serves 7,500 youth annually and this is a requirement);
• Able to take on duties and tasks as assigned and/or further implement processes that improve the work environment;

Requirements: Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or Bachelor of Science; 1-3 years experience in visual arts, outdoors, nonformal science education and/or environmental education, habitat management. Must want to pursue a permanent career in environmental education and conservation through mission-driven organizations, want to assist in the growth of organizations and themselves, and want to learn about local ecosystems through own studies and experiences. There is strong potential for growth and advancement over a two to five year period for committed and contributing employees.

To Apply: Submit Resume, Cover Letter, Three Letters of Reference, and Copy of College Transcript via SNAIL MAIL, Attention to Amanda Rinehart. READY FOR IMMEDIATE HIRE.
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