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DEADLINE : Jul 21, 2017

Job Purpose:
The main role of the Wortham Theater Center House Propman is to support the stage related activities of Performing Arts Organizations (User Groups) and maintain the backstage equipment of the Wortham Theater Center.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Review all documentation such as technical riders, stage plots, etc in order to aid User Groups in making preparations for the use of the theater and the WCOC equipment
• Direct, operate or supervise the proper use of all music equipment in either the Brown or Cullen Theaters in a professional and friendly manner
• Work as a fully participating member of the User Group’s crew to the extent that such direction is not in conflict with the proper supervision or use of WCOC equipment or the specific direction of the DBSO.
• Comply with the rules and regulations of WCOC, Houston First Corporation and the City of Houston
• Immediately inform the DBSO of any improper use of the theater facilities or equipment, as well as any grievances or complaints between or among members of the House Crew and visiting production staff, crew, artists or representatives of any User Group that occupies the facility
• Immediately inform the DBSO of any damage or theft of WCOC equipment
• Organize and maintain a clean working environment in all WCOC offices and equipment rooms normally associated with the position
• Assist the House Carpenter, House Electrician or House Soundman as may be required in the performance of their respective duties
• Maintain all WCOC music equipment in the Brown Theater, Cullen Theater and Basement Rehearsal Room using industry standard practices.
• Troubleshoot and repair all WCOC music equipment in the Brown Theater, Cullen Theater and Basement Rehearsal Room
• Maintain an inventory of repair parts and both non-expendable and expendable supplies
• Organize and maintain an annual inventory of all WCOC music equipment
• Assist the House Carpenter, House Electrician or House Soundman as may be required to maintain or repair equipment.
• Research and monitor advances in technology specific to the equipment under your care and make long term recommendations for upgrades or replacement to the DBSO.

• Competent knowledge and experience working with professional musicians
• Competent knowledge and experience maintaining all types of music equipment
• Knowledge of all types of backstage operations including rigging, lighting, carpentry, etc.
• The employee is required to maintain a personal attitude attuned to working with theater professionals as well as those less knowledgeable of standard theater practices.

Working conditions:
Unless prior approval is given from the DBSO, the employee is expected to work all production related activities in the Brown Theater. This employee is also required to work a 40-hour equivalent in each week defined as a Guaranteed Week (minimum 40 weeks per year) in the WCOC Production Calendar. If production related activities do not meet the 40-hour equivalent in a particular week, then maintenance or theater improvement work must be performed to fulfill the Guarantee without creating an overtime situation. In light of the extended working hours over the course of each production season, this employee will be provided a private office which can be used for both personal and company related activities.

Physical requirements:
This job is not physically demanding but does require a significant amount of walking and stair climbing. Although the operation and maintenance of the equipment is always performed in a safe working environment; vertigo or a fear of heights would be detrimental to the duties and responsibilities of this employee.

Salary and Benefits:
The salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Benefits will include medical insurance and contributions to the I.A.T.S.E. Local Union No.51 Pension Plan.

To Apply:

Resumes can be emailed or accepted at the address below until Friday, July 21st.
No telephone calls please.

Forward resume to: Wortham Center Operating Company
Attn: Derwood Freitag
510 Preston, Ste. 201
Houston, Texas 77002
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