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For this exhibition we are looking look for work that tells a story, recites a poem, or simply gives beauty to the viewer, without significant use of the color spectrum. We are especially drawn to the sense of timelessness that monochromatic images can convey. All photo-based capture methods and processes are welcome.

Jennifer Schlesinger is an artist, curator, gallerist, and educator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was the Director of VERVE Gallery of Photography from 2005-2017, and is now the owner and Director at Obscura Gallery in Santa Fe. Schlesinger has taught at the College of Santa Fe and continues to teach workshops at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Art Intersection, and other venues.

Schlesinger approaches her fine art photography with an interest in the historical development of photography as an artistic medium – incorporating influences from the age-old camera obscura, to 19th century albumen process, to 20th century gelatin silver printing. She is interested in how the evolution of photography can expand upon the development of photography as an art form. Her artistic media of choice are the 19th century albumen process and gelatin silver printing processes, and her work largely focuses on the landscape and how humans philosophically interact with the natural world. She uses photography as a tool to capture the world around her both poetically and metaphorically, and is highly influenced by the investigation of life through philosophy.
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