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The Museum of Human Achievement is proud to announce a brand new partnership program with Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY titled AIR Swap. AIR Swap is an Artist In Residence exchange program. Applications are now open (link below) in all mediums.

As well as sending Austin-area and MoHA community artists to New York, this ongoing program will provide an outlet for artists in the greater NY area and the wider Silent Barn community to travel to Austin. MoHA will be keeping an open studio space dedicated specifically to AIR Swap applicants.
Silent Barn is a collectively directed art space in Brooklyn, New York. Functioning as a center of multidisciplinary experimentation, Silent Barn is a place to produce, present, and interact with art of all forms.

In addition to hosting public performances and events, Silent Barn is home to a complex of studio and living spaces which serve as an experimental sandbox and public platform for a variety of individual artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial projects. Residents live and work amid artistic activity as caretakers of Silent Barn, extending a feeling of welcome to audiences and artists.

Silent Barn is a non-hierarchical organization in which all members are equally empowered; it is a social and administrative experiment. Collective curation brings together diverse artistic practices, creating a climate which uniquely supports accessibility, discovery, interaction, and participation. Eclectic programing showcases both emerging and established artists, and gives a wide variety of communities the space to form, connect and develop.

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