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Bayou Village School in Central Houston is looking for an enthusiastic teacher for their 1st – 3rd grade class for the 2014-15 school year. He/She needs to be able to communicate well with the parents, other teachers and school administrative staff, and must have an interest in a holistic approach to education that involves the arts as a teaching tool. The salary will depend on experience.

Bayou Village School uses a Waldorf curriculum. More information about Waldorf education can be found at and similar sites on the internet. Ideally we would like this teacher to be a trained and experienced Waldorf teacher. However we are also considering other candidates, who we we expect to pursue Waldorf teacher training in the future if they work at our school longer term. The school would be willing to help pay for that training.

Founded in 2010, Bayou Village School is an independent and community-based school and a non-profit organization with the goal of becoming an accredited Waldorf School from pre-K to grade 8. More information about our school can be found online at

The school is located in a neighborhood North of downtown near a lightrail train line that is being built currently. Houston is a city in transition in many ways. Big changes in population demographics are happening, a lightrail system is being built, and there is more interest in progressive/alternative approaches to education, etc. Houston is a relatively inexpensive city to live in, yet has a lot to offer for all ages, including a thriving art scene and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Preferred qualifications for this position are the following:
- Bachelors or Masters Degree and Waldorf Teaching Certification
- Prior Teaching Experience
- Excellent Communications Skills
- Warm, Caring, Confident Classroom Presence

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and references to
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