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Skowhegan, an intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists established in 1946, seeks each year to bring together a gifted and diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to art-making and inquiry to create the most stimulating and rigorous environment possible for a concentrated period of artistic creation, interaction and growth.
Neither a school in the traditional sense nor a retreat, Skowhegan draws its vitality from the community created through the talent and energy of the Participants and the distinguished Faculty of Resident and Visiting Artists who provide support and critical assistance for them. Founded by artists, and still governed by artists for artists, the program provides an atmosphere in which Participants are encouraged to work and explore free of the expectations of the marketplace and academia.
Disciplines and media
Visual Art
Duration of residencies
between 1 and 3 months
Number of artists resident at one time
more than 20
Grants available
Fellowships toward tuition, room, and board are available to those who provide evidence of financial need. Skowhegan cannot provide assistance for other living expenses or materials. If you are requesting financial assistance please remember that tuition represents a fraction of the actual cost of a residency. Take time to consider seriously your real needs and ability to contribute toward your tuition and fees so that Skowhegan can assist as many people as possible. Financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process. Financial need should not deter artists from applying for admission.
Expenses paid by artist
Internet Connection
Ceramics Facilities
Welding Tools
Woodworking Tools
Metal Working Tools
Sound Recording Studio
Number of studios
more than 20
Type and size of studios
Private Studio
Private Room
Shared Room
Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture
200 Park Avenue, South, Suite 1116
10003 New York
United States of America
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