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Summer Art Classes
· Picasso and Cubism Students gain knowledge and understanding about Pablo Picasso, his roots and his many popular styles of art. Kids will work on a series of drawings while using paper and varied mediums such as charcoal, dry pastels and oil pastels. Each Class offered will focus on a different art period explored by Picasso. These workshops promised to deliver a beautiful collection of vibrant works of art.
· Texas Images & Matisse students will take inspiration from Fauve artist, Henri Matisse, as they work on a collection of drawings that represent our beautiful state of Texas. We will be working with oil pastels and tempera paints as we create Longhorns, Native vegetation, fields of blue, starry nights and other icons that make Texas special.
· Warhol and Pop Art Andy Warhol is an American Icon! His many experimental works of art are known world-wide and truly makes him a treasure to be proud of. Students will work on a group of drawings while using oil pastels, watercolors and ink as they explore different subject matters made popular by the artist.

In addition to the listed workshops, the students will engage in
additional activities to reinforce their learning. The Art Workshops are enriched
with Art History, Story Time and Music & Dance.

Each Class is four days long Monday thru Thursday for 3 hours.

Time & Age Group: 9am to 12pm for 4 – 10 yr. olds, OR 1pm – 4pm for 5 -10 yr. olds.
Tuition Cost: $78 per child, per class. $10 one-time Registration Fee. All materials are provided.

Class 1 June 2-5, Drawing-Picasso, Bodegones - Still Life Drawing
Class 2 June 9-12, Drawing-Picasso, Cubism and Gestures
Class 3 June 16-19, Drawing-Picasso, The Rose Period
Class 4 June 23-26, Drawing-Picasso, Spanish Bulls
Class 5 June 30-3, Drawing-Matisse, Texas Longhorns
Class 6 July 7-10, Drawing- Matisse, Fields of Flowers
Class 7 July 14-17, Drawing- Matisse, Cactus Collection
Class 8 July 21-24, Drawing- Matisse, Texas Icons
Class 9 July 28-31, Drawing - Warhol, Shoes & Fashion
Class 10 Aug 4-7, Drawing – Warhol My Pet x Four AM Class CLOSED
Class 11 Aug 11-14, Drawing – Warhol, Farmers Market
Class 12 Aug 18-21, Drawing – Warhol, Endangered Species

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