Show Listing

May 30th – June 1st
319 Scholes Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
CALL FOR BUSHWICK 2014 is pleased to announce the group show ‘Understanding Media, the extension of the human being’.
The exhibition is composed of a selection of works that demonstrate and emphasize the social and artistic dynamics of the present day and depict contemporary humanity, its thinking and its non-soul.
‘Understanding Media, the extension of the human being’ is composed of works by 25 artists selected from among about five hundred candidates. Generally all the continents are represented. The artists originate from Asia, Northern Europe, Africa and South and North America. Most of them live in Brooklyn and are present in the same Google galaxy and world avatar community. They are now happy to meet in the real world for this edition of BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS.
ARTISTS SELECTED: Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Anna Lemnitzer, Armando Ramos, Brian Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Tolson, Eunkyung Lee, Heather Merckle, Herik Tomassini, Ian Ferguson, Jeremiah Johnson, Joanne Leah, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Kate Brown, Lara Saget, Len Bernstein, Lysette Urus, Michela Martello, Robin Antar, Shari Weschler Rubeck, Stephanie Deumer, Sui Park, Ted Barr, Timur York, Virginie Sommet and Yusam Sung.
CALL FOR BUSHWICK was created and is managed by Alessandro Berni, an art critic based in New York City.
SELECTION PANEL: Michela Bondardo, Holly Crawford, Jill Conner, Vida Sabbaghi and Alison Pierz.
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