Show Listing

Red Arrow Contemporary is seeking artist submissions for a group show Fall 2014.
The exhibition will consist of innovative approaches to the theme of memento mori and other
themes related to death. Red Arrow Contemporary is open to various types of media that pushes
beyond traditional applications of memento mori.

Exhibition Details
• Reception Oct. 11th
• Exhibition Dates Oct. 11 – Nov. 15
• Install Dates Oct. 6th – Oct. 10

Requirements for Submission
• 5-10 jpeg images 72 dpi
• Corresponding image list with titles, medium, size
• Artist Statement pdf format
• CV pdf format
• Description of any special requirements ( i.e. equipment needs)

Please email submissions to with the subject line: MEMENTO MORI

SUMBISSION DEADLINE: August 15 12:00 (midnight)
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